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An Effective Call Tracking Strategy can Boost Dental Marketing – Here’s what you need to know

July 1st, 2015 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Digital marketing for dental practices has evolved extensively. Today’s patients are more informed about their choices and follow an almost clinical evaluation of a dental practice before making the decision to consult with a practice of their choice.  In addition to this, the dental market has become a highly competitive space and the only way that a dental practice can push for competitive advantages is by adopting a channel of effective marketing strategies that deliver maximum business traction.

The key however, is to identify which marketing strategy best delivers on this business expectation. This is where an effective tracking strategy can prove to be most effective. Not only can it provide you with increased insight into the preferences of your target audiences, but it also enables dental practices to focus on building a stream of effective advertising campaigns that can boost lead generation.

Why your Dental Practice Needs Effective Call Tracking?

One of the major reasons why call tracking works wonderfully for businesses is because it helps in identifying sources that attract potential patients. Keep in mind that potential patients can come to your dental practice via a listing on Google, through a flier in the mail, or maybe an Internet banner ad lead them to you. So the big question here is how do you track the channel which pulled a potential patient to your practice?

Call tracking is the answer. It can help your dental practice discover true value of all your marketing campaigns as it allows you to track which campaign works and which doesn’t. The simplest description of call tracking is this – it is a way of measuring the kind of impact your dental marketing efforts have on your lead generation and sales. Evidence-based marketing today is of paramount importance as it allows businesses to track their best lead sources. Call tracking works to deliver on these goals. Once you know which marketing platform is an effective lead generation source, you can focus on building customized campaigns and ads, or include specific clicks, keywords, visitors, as well as referring sites to phone calls. Once this is done, you will find it becomes easier to match leads with the most effective marketing spend.

Why Call Metrics Matter to Dental Marketing

The only way dental practices can make their mark in a highly competitive space is by gaining a 360 degree view of all their marketing ROI. Increased insight into your marketing ROI can enable you to close the loop on all marketing strategies and inbound calls. Once you understand the connection between your dental practice marketing efforts and phone calls you will find yourself in a stronger position about what marketing strategy works and how best to further strengthen it. This is why tracking call metrics is elemental to improving dental marketing.

Patients come to your practice from a wide variety of sources. Regardless of where they discover your dental practice brand, as soon as they find information that best suits their needs and requirements, the next step that he or she will take is to call in to find more information or even to set up a consultation. With an effective call tracking system in place, dental practices can quickly and cost-effectively provide local or toll-free phone numbers via the simple click of a button. To further customize the numbers, nicknames and labels, or tags can also be assigned. This makes it easy to search the sources while also enabling easy tracking.

Another advantage of an effective call tracking system is that you can use it to understand why potential patients are not interacting with your dental brand or also to identify specific aspects of your dental practice brand that encourages potential patients to make an appointment. Armed with this kind of information you will find yourself in a stronger position to direct marketing resources and come up with solutions that can address specific issues which in turn can help boost patient engagement.

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