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Tools and Solutions for Automating and Optimizing Content Curation

In this webinar, Susan our VP of Marketing, and Jamie our Marketing Communications Expert, talk about some of the different tools that make the task of automating content curation easy and more efficient for your practice.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest on digital marketing for medical practices. You can also visit our blog for more tips on digital brand optimization and other marketing blog posts.…

What’s your Mobile Engagement Quotient?

Did you know 88% of all “near me” searches take place on the mobile. Google is serious about mobile space and this is why the search engine giant is now focusing in a big way on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program. Optimizing for mobile audiences has to be a major aspect of your medical brand digital marketing strategy if you want to continue connecting with and expanding your potential patient base in the long run.

Patients want Mobile Engagement – What are you doing about it?

Mobile engagement today is all about delivering personalized experiences without compromising on speed and access to audiences in their exact moment of need.…

How to Use Reviews and Ratings to Build a Strong Medical Brand

Product and service comparisons drive consumer behavior in today’s digital marketplace. Pricing, reviews and ratings, and brand reputation are equal determinants in a consumers buying decision process. Increasingly, online reviews and ratings are playing a vital role in how potential patients view a practice.

Brands with a rock solid reputation typically enjoy good ratings and give due importance to earning stellar reviews from their users.

This is why digital marketers give a lot of importance to building a strong line up of positive reviews for brands. Here are a few interesting stats on online reviews;

  • A vast number of US consumers rely on online reviews when making buying decisions.

Are you Using Patient Surveys to Drive Conversion Rates?

One of the biggest boons of the digital age is that it has opened up the marketing spectrum for brands. Instead of one way marketing channels, now we have marketing that happens on multiple levels and an ever increasing number of platforms. Brands can instantly and in real-time communicate with their consumers thanks to social media. They can customize marketing to address the needs and requirements of a wider variety of consumers.

All of this is good. However, while marketing for brands has a taken the digital leap, it is the consumer who has probably benefited the most. Across all industry types, digital and technological advances have made it easy for consumers to quickly access brand information.…

Is your Medical Practice Brand Visible to Potential Patients?

Staying relevant and visible to potential target audiences is one of the biggest challenges that medical practice today face. In a digital space that is swarming with competitors, only medical practices that can identify, connect, and build a channel of engagement with their audiences stand a chance of surviving and succeeding.

Regardless of the size and scale of your medical practice brand, getting your brand out in front of your target audience base will only work if you are consistent and dedicated with planning, following, and implementing effective marketing policies that make it easier to search and find your medical practice online.…

How to Get Bloggers Talking about your Medical Practice?


Patients typically have more faith in doctors who receive positive reviews, endorsements and get talked about favorably by other people online – in short they are looking for medical practices with a robust online reputation. One of the Nielson surveys showed that nine out of 10 consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, while only about five in 10 consumers trust content that a marketer creates and posts about their own brand online.

For a medical practice, forging partnerships with local bloggers can be an innovative and highly effective way to promote the practice indirectly online and reach out to new potential clients in the local area.…

Grow your Medical YouTube Video Viewership Using Twitter


Twitter and Facebook are two of the earliest and highly dominant social media tools to promote your medical practice videos online. Twitter enables you to communicate directly with your followers through brief and crisp messages on a regular basis. When you tweet about your medical practice YouTube videos, make sure that you include strategic keyword hashtags in your messages. This will allow other Twitter users who may not be your followers to still check out your tweets via a keyword search.

Whenever you have created a new video related to your medical practice and posted it on YouTube, you can create an interesting tweet post to announce the new video.…

Personal Brand Equity Exists at the Core of Medical Marketing


In the market for healthcare professions, more than anywhere else, the personal brand equity of the doctor makes a crucial difference. This professional is primarily about an inherent trust between the doctor and the patient, and the entire professional relationship is based on this foundation. Therefore, medical marketing experts must take into account how to promote the doctor’s personal brand equity while promoting medical practice marketing.

In the Internet and mobile era, the opportunities to develop and promote personal brand equity are enormous. Branding is no more the exclusive domain of large and financially powerful businesses that can spend high amounts of money to create and nurture their brand image.…

How Geo-targeting can boost Online Marketing for Healthcare Practice


Geo-targeting is one of the fastest ways in which healthcare practices can reach out to potential patients. In today’s competitive market space, any business wanting to make its mark needs to focus on incorporating geographical targeting within its online marketing program as this can offer increased visibility within the local target market.

Should Medical and Dental Practices focus on Geo-Targeting?

Typically, you will find a certain kind of people living within a particular geographical area. It is possible to infer to a large extent certain criteria such as the age, income, or even carry out psychographic profiling of individuals within specific geo-region using information such as the postal zip code.…

Online Reviews: A Powerful Marketing Tool for your Healthcare Practice


To appreciate the power of online reviews, you can begin by trying to put yourself in the shoes of a new patient and ask whether online reviews would matter to them. The online reputation of your medical or dental practice matters to them, and they matter to you. Today’s patients are far better informed, more expressive and have much better communication tools at their disposal.

It is not easy to convince them through traditional means of advertising and marketing any longer. They would rather prefer to learn about you through your online reputation, reviews and testimonials and opinions of other patients.…

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The teams at Ekwa Marketing understand the methods needed to get your website noticed. Thanks to their work on Google Places, almost 2000 local, potential patients found me through local search results on Google maps. Ekwa Marketing's knowledge and professionalism, combined with their personal approach set them apart, and using their services will set your website apart from your competitors.

Dr. Mary Lupo
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Naren (Ekwa Marketing) revamped my website and I have actually been very pleased. His company is now starting to manage my social media sites, which I don't have the time or desire to do. So far, I give them an A+.

You are the best at it. THANK YOU!

Dr. John Palmer
Results occurred at a much faster rate

Ekwa Marketing optimizes my website and actually rebuilt my previous website to maximize its effectiveness. About three months or so after launching we started seeing that we were getting some meaningful hits. The positive thing with Ekwa Marketing is that results occurred at a much faster rate and I found that Naren really actively listened and really cared about fulfilling what my goals were.

Dr. Mark A Cruz
More new patients calling us

As always, we appreciate your input and help you have given us so far. We have seen more new patients calling us who found us on Google, visited our site, liked the layout and what they saw, and decided to call. Some even from across town, which is about 20 miles. So you and your team are doing a GREAT job !!

Dr. Doug Brossoit
I am very happy with all of the services

I am very happy with all of the services, the level of professionalism, and attention to detail! I have highly recommended Naren and Ekwa to a number of my friends and associates. We love the website design and are already getting a lot of business. Superior level of service!

Dr. Jeanine B. Downie