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Is your Medical Practice Brand Visible to Potential Patients?

Staying relevant and visible to potential target audiences is one of the biggest challenges that medical practice today face. In a digital space that is swarming with competitors, only medical practices that can identify, connect, and build a channel of engagement with their audiences stand a chance of surviving and succeeding.

Regardless of the size and scale of your medical practice brand, getting your brand out in front of your target audience base will only work if you are consistent and dedicated with planning, following, and implementing effective marketing policies that make it easier to search and find your medical practice online.…

An Effective Call Tracking Strategy can Boost Dental Marketing – Here’s what you need to know

Digital marketing for dental practices has evolved extensively. Today’s patients are more informed about their choices and follow an almost clinical evaluation of a dental practice before making the decision to consult with a practice of their choice.  In addition to this, the dental market has become a highly competitive space and the only way that a dental practice can push for competitive advantages is by adopting a channel of effective marketing strategies that deliver maximum business traction.

The key however, is to identify which marketing strategy best delivers on this business expectation. This is where an effective tracking strategy can prove to be most effective.…

Online Reputation Does Not Talk – But Patients Still Listen

A robust online reputation is one of the most effective tools for countering stiff market place competition. Dental practices today can no longer ignore the importance of building a digital presence for their practice. Beyond this, they also need to focus on managing all their online real estate for maximum online exposure while actively working on establishing a rock solid reputation for their practice. …

Marketplace Competition Just Got More Competitive – Are You Ready?

Veterinary marketing is becoming competitive by the day. Pet owners today want only the best for their beloved pets. From pet food to pet products and toys, and pet healthcare, including a veterinary practice of their choice, everything is up for scrutiny. However, unlike in the good old days when “word of mouth” advertising was considered the best and most effective form of marketing for veterinary practices, pet parents today are more invested in digital media as a means of finding a veterinary practice for their pet. They are highly active over the Internet and over various social networks.…

Don’t Be a Social Ghost – Talk to your Patients

Social is a vibrant space. It thrives on people engagement, conversations, emotional investment, opinions, and ideas. It breeds an open culture of sharing and this is what makes it an ideal platform for brands to engage with their target audience. However, a brand simply cannot exist in social space..there needs to be an active exchange between the brand and its target audience. Social conversations are an excellent way of communicating marketing messages and interacting with target audiences while also allowing them a deeper understanding of what a practice stands for and what it can offer.…

Consistency is the Key to Content Marketing Success

Content marketing can bring great brand recognition for your veterinary practice. Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that in a heartbeat. But here’s the catch – it works fantastically if done correctly and consistently. Hitting the quality benchmark is not all that difficult. What is difficult is creating quality content on a steady and consistent basis. And if your veterinary practice content team is limited to one or two people, achieving this goal can get that much more difficult.

Now for the good part – regardless of the size of your content marketing team, you can build a consistent content marketing pace by adopting some of the following tactics and strategies.…

SEO for your Dental Practice Website – What you should know (Part 1)

In this two part post, we will look at some of the important areas of focus for dental practice website SEO.

Dental SEO – Don’t Ignore It

  • 93% of all online activity starts with a search engine.
  • Top listings featured in Google’s organic search results page attract 33% of the traffic.
  • 50% of all mobile searches are aimed towards finding local businesses
  • 59% users find a reputable local business via Google.
  • SEO leads can deliver a close rate of 14.6%; close rate for outbound leads sits at 1.7%.


An SEO optimized website is one of the most effective ways of building a strong digital presence and ensuring that your dental practice website features in top search results.…

Twitter Practices You Should Ditch Right Now

Twitter is a great platform for reaching out to and engaging with your potential patient base. With an active user base that is growing everyday, Twitter provides medical practices with fantastic opportunities to build brand value and to connect with their practice audience. The social ecosystem as we know thrives on informal and often personalized engagement. Everything from conversations, to the kind of content you provide can help build practice value. However, one wrong move and it quickly undermine all your hard work which in turn can impact your entire brand. Here are some of the things you absolutely don’t want to be doing on Twitter.…

Common SEO Mistakes that can Spoil your Veterinary Marketing Strategy


Veterinary Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only about behind the scene activity that includes keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and other technical tactics. SEO is increasingly about a combination of excellent content creation, organic link building, social media networking, and onsite strategic adjustments.

Over-emphasis on Back Links

Excessive attention to achieving back links, without worrying for their quality is one of the key mistakes that many veterinary practice marketing strategists continue to make. Commenting on online forums and blogs, distributing frequent online press releases, sending articles to online directories, and link swapping with relevant websites are no longer effective strategies.…

Selecting the Most Effective Social Network for your Dental Practice

To promote your dental practice over social media, you need to zero in on the most effective social media platforms that hold the potential to achieve maximum mileage for you. A cohesive social media strategy and focused efforts on a few chosen social platforms can yield better results than just trying to get involved with too many networking options on a superficial level.

Each dental practice will have to make its own individual choices and dental marketing social media strategy, depending on the nature and goals of the practice. Here are brief reviews of a few leading social networks that should be evaluated by a dental practice:


Facebook has the numbers advantage over other social networks because almost everybody you know will most likely have an active Facebook account.…

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The teams at Ekwa Marketing understand the methods needed to get your website noticed. Thanks to their work on Google Places, almost 2000 local, potential patients found me through local search results on Google maps. Ekwa Marketing's knowledge and professionalism, combined with their personal approach set them apart, and using their services will set your website apart from your competitors.

Dr. Mary Lupo
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Naren (Ekwa Marketing) revamped my website and I have actually been very pleased. His company is now starting to manage my social media sites, which I don't have the time or desire to do. So far, I give them an A+.

You are the best at it. THANK YOU!

Dr. John Palmer
Results occurred at a much faster rate

Ekwa Marketing optimizes my website and actually rebuilt my previous website to maximize its effectiveness. About three months or so after launching we started seeing that we were getting some meaningful hits. The positive thing with Ekwa Marketing is that results occurred at a much faster rate and I found that Naren really actively listened and really cared about fulfilling what my goals were.

Dr. Mark A Cruz
More new patients calling us

As always, we appreciate your input and help you have given us so far. We have seen more new patients calling us who found us on Google, visited our site, liked the layout and what they saw, and decided to call. Some even from across town, which is about 20 miles. So you and your team are doing a GREAT job !!

Dr. Doug Brossoit
I am very happy with all of the services

I am very happy with all of the services, the level of professionalism, and attention to detail! I have highly recommended Naren and Ekwa to a number of my friends and associates. We love the website design and are already getting a lot of business. Superior level of service!

Dr. Jeanine B. Downie