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How to Expand your Medical Practice Social Reach

In this webinar Susan our VP of Marketing, and Jamie our Marketing Communications Expert, talk about how medical practices can expand their social media reach.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest on digital marketing for medical practices. You can also visit our blog for more tips on digital brand optimization and other marketing blog posts.…

Don’t Be a Social Ghost – Talk to your Patients

Social is a vibrant space. It thrives on people engagement, conversations, emotional investment, opinions, and ideas. It breeds an open culture of sharing and this is what makes it an ideal platform for brands to engage with their target audience. However, a brand simply cannot exist in social space..there needs to be an active exchange between the brand and its target audience. Social conversations are an excellent way of communicating marketing messages and interacting with target audiences while also allowing them a deeper understanding of what a practice stands for and what it can offer.…

Twitter Practices You Should Ditch Right Now

Twitter is a great platform for reaching out to and engaging with your potential patient base. With an active user base that is growing everyday, Twitter provides medical practices with fantastic opportunities to build brand value and to connect with their practice audience. The social ecosystem as we know thrives on informal and often personalized engagement. Everything from conversations, to the kind of content you provide can help build practice value. However, one wrong move and it quickly undermine all your hard work which in turn can impact your entire brand. Here are some of the things you absolutely don’t want to be doing on Twitter.…

How to Improve Engagement with your Twitter Audience?

Twitter is a major social network that can allow a medical marketer to engage with the local target audience effectively in a personalized manner. Useful messages along with links can be sent over Twitter, which hold the potential to be circulated across a wide audience through the network. But the key lies in engaging the audience so that they will get more closely associated with the medical practice, and may further spread the word about the practice through their individual Twitter networks.

Do not Hard-sell

A blatant commercial approach to a social network such as Twitter will most likely backfire. The doctor must focus on disseminating useful and relevant information through Twitter, and address some of the queries and concerns that the average people may have.…

How to Build a Stellar Social Presence for your Healthcare Practice



Did you know that 72% of online adults are active over social media? In fact, 21% of all Internet time is essentially dedicated to some form of social engagement activity. One look at how social media has grown and continues to evolve within the online marketing space and it becomes obvious why social media is so crucial to the success of your medical or dental practice.

How Potential Patients Use Social Media

  • To collect information on different treatment options and healthcare issues
  • To look up word of mouth recommendations
  • To reach the experiences of other patients
  • To compare different practices, services, products, and treatment options
  • For content sharing
  • To update themselves with the latest happenings and news in the  area of their interest

7 Hot Tips to Social Media Success

Social media success does not happen overnight.…

Online Social Engagement Succeeds where Paid Ads Do Not

In the age of social media, your potential patients are far more empowered than they were ever before. The chances to influence their choices through traditional advertising have diminished increasingly. Instead of receiving one-sided guidance through paid marketing, potential patients are much more comfortable to listen to the experiences, online reviews and suggestions of others over social media and allow their decisions to be guided by them.

If your medical or dental practice must prosper in this new social environment, it is important that you recognize the changing preferences and growing empowerment of your target audience and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.…

Ideas to Use Pinterest Effectively for your Healthcare Practice Marketing


With more than 70 million users, Pinterest is a powerful social media network. Doctors can promote their medical or dental practice in innovative ways with Pinterest. Here are a few ideas on how to put Pinterest to work for your healthcare practice.

Make your Medical Site Pinterest-friendly

Place a ‘Pin It’ widget on various important sections of your website that contain shareable content and articles. This will encourage readers to ‘pin’ specific pieces of content, graphics and images that they like at your site. This activity will also provide you insights about what kind of content and images are generating more interest from the readers.…

Success in Social Media has no Shortcuts


Some healthcare professionals may tend to get attracted by online ads claiming to boost the number of their social media followers miraculously overnight. However, the harsh truth is that there are no shortcuts to sustainable success on social media. It is better to choose the long and hard road, and perhaps hire the services of a professional social media consultant who may develop an effective strategy to popularize the doctor on various social networks.

The key lies in choosing the most appropriate social network for your needs, and staying focused on it for the long haul. Many medical and dental practices make the mistake of switching their efforts from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn to Pinterest and so on, in the hope that something would work for them eventually.…

Should your Healthcare Practice Have a Presence on Instagram?

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 as it realized the growing influence of this photo-sharing social network. A ComScore study in August 2012 revealed that Instagram received 7.3 million visitors a day across mobile phones in the U.S. during August, compared to 6.9 million visitors on Twitter. Visitors also spent a lot more time on Instagram than they spent on Twitter.

Instagram is a social community designed to enable users share their images and videos with the world. From a medical or dental professional’s perspective, it can be a great idea to post some original, unique and informative images and videos on the network and improve their social interaction with their target audiences.…

Measuring the Impact of your Healthcare Social Media Campaign

According to, 93 percent of marketers are using social media for business. The influence of social media is no longer restricted to personal and social relationships alone. Many online marketers are using social media effectively to promote their products and services, and connecting with their target audiences more closely.

Evaluating Social Influence

Every social media campaign may not bring the desired results. It is important to measure the influence of the campaign and determine whether it really helps boost the prospects of your healthcare practice. Influence on social media is no longer just measured in terms of the number of followers and fans that you have managed to gather.…

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The teams at Ekwa Marketing understand the methods needed to get your website noticed. Thanks to their work on Google Places, almost 2000 local, potential patients found me through local search results on Google maps. Ekwa Marketing's knowledge and professionalism, combined with their personal approach set them apart, and using their services will set your website apart from your competitors.

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Ekwa Marketing optimizes my website and actually rebuilt my previous website to maximize its effectiveness. About three months or so after launching we started seeing that we were getting some meaningful hits. The positive thing with Ekwa Marketing is that results occurred at a much faster rate and I found that Naren really actively listened and really cared about fulfilling what my goals were.

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As always, we appreciate your input and help you have given us so far. We have seen more new patients calling us who found us on Google, visited our site, liked the layout and what they saw, and decided to call. Some even from across town, which is about 20 miles. So you and your team are doing a GREAT job !!

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I am very happy with all of the services, the level of professionalism, and attention to detail! I have highly recommended Naren and Ekwa to a number of my friends and associates. We love the website design and are already getting a lot of business. Superior level of service!

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