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Ekwa Marketing exists to help medical professionals who know where they want to go, get there! How do we do it? Through the detailed planning and precise execution of a proven set of innovative marketing solutions.

Services Offered


Ekwa's Purpose
Ekwa's Purpose: Helping doctors who know where they want to go get there.

Ekwa's Mission
Growing the confidence of patients in the doctor's practice

Ekwa's Commitment
Ekwa's Commitment: To stay the course through the doctor's growth journey -- beginning with a 3-year growth conversation

Custom Website Design and Launch

Website Review
An objective evaluation of your current site performance on the following parameters:
  • Design
  • Navigation
  • Content quality
  • SEO and search rankings
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Social shareability

Keyword Planning
  • Research for keywords of current relevance
  • Localized keywords for local targeting
  • Keyword optimization in sync with site content
  • Updating keywords according to search trends

Custom Website Design
  • Unique and original design
  • Enhancing brand image
  • Defining brand values and why patients admire it
  • Seamless navigation for users
  • Optimal fit for images, videos, graphics
  • Integrated with social media
  • Responsive to all mobile devices

Mobile Responsive Design
  • Completely responsive/adaptive design to all screen sizes
  • Show most relevant content on mobile devices
  • Easy navigation
  • Efficient site download
  • Optimized for search engines

Content Development
  • Creation of informative, relevant, appealing content
  • Satisfying queries of Google search users
  • Localized and keyword optimized
  • Continually updated, dynamic content
  • Screening for duplicacy and plagiarism
  • Factual accuracy and compliance

Effective Call-to-Action
  • Prominent visibility of contact numbers
  • Options for comments, feedback, social sharing
  • Online Appointment Requests

Website Launch
  • Invest 200 hours (at no additional cost to client) in website set-up and launch
  • Layers of quality verification and checks
  • Sitemap submission and indexing with search engines
  • Final site review with client
  • Going live
  • Announcing the new site launch to all contacts

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategy
  • Strict compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Focus on content quality and reader engagement
  • Invest in internal and external SEO innovation
  • Build local search rankings and drive local traffic

Competitor Research
  • Google works based on artificial intelligence (Google RankBrain)
  • Pick keywords that are best based on client's focus on Google analytics
  • Reverse-engineer the webpage that is ranking well for specific keywords.
  • Invest SEO hours smartly to grow specific keyword rankings

External SEO
  • Generate high quality inbound links
  • Social bookmarks - via Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious
  • Blogs, articles, and guest columns
  • Google Places and Google Maps - Location marketing
  • Invest SEO hours wisely to continue to grow SEO rankings and overall results

Articles for seo - written in your style

NAP Consistency
  • Ensuring accurate name, address, phone numbers (NAP) across the web
  • Accurate website address and links across the web
  • Reviewing and fixing NAP periodically on business listings

Marketing is Growing Confidence

Social Proof Grows Confidence

Familiarity and Liking Grows Confidence
  • Humanize the doctor and the team with continual updates to the Doctor Page, Team Page and social media.
  • branded 90 second videos to grow confidence in doctor placed on the right pages and Facebook. Also if required on your YouTube Page

Consistency Grows Confidence

  • Consistent SEO efforts to help more and more patients notice the practice and doctor for more and more relevant keywords.
  • Consistent and engaging social media posts to stay on top-of-the-mind with existing and new patients.
  • Call Tracking that allows practices the capability to ensure the phone experience is consistent.

Trust Transfer Grows Confidence
Proven tools and techniques to transfer trust (in the doctor and the practice) from patients to their friends and family via Social Media

Continual Improvement

Quarterly Client Meetings
Quarterly meetings between the client and Ekwa's Growth Facilitators are scheduled to review current marketing strategy and progress, discuss new plans and priorities, introduce new tools and techniques, set new goals and direction, and maintain open communication.

Call Tracking
  • Set up a comprehensive Call Tracking system for the client's office
  • Track every call - both answered and unanswered
  • Be notified when a call is not answered
  • Dramatically improve quality of engagement with callers
  • Enable mobile texting for further engagement
  • Automatic Call Categorization to save time on which calls to listen to and get a better handle on ROI
  • Ekwa handles tens of thousands of calls per month for clients - and growing

Website and SEO Updates
Continually update website, and external seo to match Google's changing standards with the help of Google analytics and Google webmaster tools

Continual Monitoring and Improvement
  • Social media monitoring
  • Using Google Alerts, Google Analytics and other tools

Ekwa's Commitment
To stay the course through the doctor's growth journey - continuing to have 3-year growth conversations calibrate marketing strategy to meet doctors changing needs.

Hosting & Paid Marketing

Website Hosting
Professional and reliable, world-class web hosting services

Email Hosting
Professional and reliable, world-class email hosting services

PPC & Retargeting
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Google, and Retargeting Ad Program on Google. (This is an optional service which will be charged extra. Every other service is cost-inclusive for VIP clients.)

Ekwa Innovations

Ekwa Marketing is always innovating. As a company, Ekwa stays on top of Google best practices and listens to the pains of our doctor/clients in order to assess and create solutions to our client's greatest needs. The items in this list are exclusive applications and software created by Ekwa's Innovation Team, and are available to you only through Ekwa Marketing.
Social proof grows confidence

Fans' Choice Awards
Platform to identify and leverage your fans and why they are your fans.

Doctors' Choice Awards
Doctor's doctor.
Credibility grows confidence - DCA branded videos on, YouTube and on relevant web pages.

New products / innovations
Constant innovation is the big differentiator of Ekwa. We continuously add value to the client's marketing campaign with cutting-edge products and tools developed with our robust in-house R&D..

Helping Doctors Grow - Ekwa in the Community
Sharing ideas with the world via podcasts - Interviews with Doctors

Articles on Marketing
Educational Content and SEO

What our clients say about us

Rating: 5

Their services will set your website apart from your competitors

The teams at Ekwa Marketing understand the methods needed to get your website noticed. Thanks to their work on Google Places, almost 2000 local, potential patients found me through local search results on Google maps. Ekwa Marketing's knowledge and professionalism, combined with their personal approach set them apart, and using their services will set your website apart from your competitors.

Dr. Mary Lupo
I give them an A+!

Naren (Ekwa Marketing) revamped my website and I have actually been very pleased. His company is now starting to manage my social media sites, which I don't have the time or desire to do. So far, I give them an A+.

You are the best at it. THANK YOU!

Dr. John Palmer
Results occurred at a much faster rate

Ekwa Marketing optimizes my website and actually rebuilt my previous website to maximize its effectiveness. About three months or so after launching we started seeing that we were getting some meaningful hits. The positive thing with Ekwa Marketing is that results occurred at a much faster rate and I found that Naren really actively listened and really cared about fulfilling what my goals were.

Dr. Mark A Cruz
More new patients calling us

As always, we appreciate your input and help you have given us so far. We have seen more new patients calling us who found us on Google, visited our site, liked the layout and what they saw, and decided to call. Some even from across town, which is about 20 miles. So you and your team are doing a GREAT job !!

Dr. Doug Brossoit
I am very happy with all of the services

I am very happy with all of the services, the level of professionalism, and attention to detail! I have highly recommended Naren and Ekwa to a number of my friends and associates. We love the website design and are already getting a lot of business. Superior level of service!

Dr. Jeanine B. Downie

We aim for the stars, and so should you!
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