"It took me several months to pick an SEO company to help me drive my practice forward and to help me make it the success I envisioned it to be. After much 'shopping around' I decided to go with Ekwa. A few months in to working with the EKWA team I knew I had made a smart choice. I could see the results they brought to my SEO. I am on my 4th year with EKWA and I don't regret the investment I make in them. My site and name are shown on Google and other places for over 1570 results. I am ranking for more than 160 Keywords on page 1, I receive more than 150 to 160 inbound calls every month from patients. I realized that Ekwa is truly in a different league in how they tailor–make their program for their doctors when recently I got a patient who drove 4 hours to see us because she was really impressed with our website and she was able to find out all she needed to know about us via our website. I am very pleased in how they help my practice grow! Thank you Naren and the Team for everything you do." - Dr. Sameet Koppikar http://www.biltmoredentalcenter.com/

Dr Koppikar Sameet has a total of 314 keywords ranking in page one of google.

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