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I love everything Ekwa does for my practice and online presence They are very proactive and I highly recommend their services - Dr. Levenson          The Team at Ekwa did a great job with the educational articles Dr Mike Milligan - Dr. Milligan          Excellent work on the Caliper page Dr Arthur Swift - Dr. Swift          Thank you so much you rock as usual Dr Downie - Dr. Downie          You guys are AWESOME - Dr. Suh          Great job on the images that was exactly what I was looking for Dr Gabriel Duncan - Dr. McMillan          Thank you for keeping on top of things so well it is a delight to work with you - Dr. Askenazi          The new homepage looks great thanks - Dr. Spath          Ekwa always provides me with excellent service Thank you so much - Dr. Chen          Thank you for all that you do and all your help with my incredible website - Dr. Downie          The news brief and video added to the site WOW This is excellent - Dr. Lupo          I love everything the team at Ekwa does for my business I highly recommend their services - Dr. Neal          The banners your team at Ekwa has designed for my practice are beautiful - Dr. Downie          My decision to invest in and work with EKWA is one of the best business decisions I have made for my practice - Dr. Kent          I get fantastic results from the internet and am very pleased with everything the team at Ekwa does for my practice Dr Gordon Kent - Dr. Kent          Working with Ekwa has been a great experience and I am happy with every thing that is being done for my website - Dr. Stern          Ekwa does just as well if not BETTER than large expensive marketing companies in NYC Dr Ron Shelton - Dr. Shelton          The DVD video is perfect Thanks - Dr. Swift          Great design love it very much - Mrs. Tawfik          The design review done on the web page looks fabulous Thanks everyone liked it - Dr. Zakarian          Great Work on the weekly update - Dr. Shelton          Your hard work on the weekly updates is much appreciated - Dr. Downie          Love the banners designed for the Facebook account Thanks - Dr. Schmidt          The Halloween promotion was wonderful Thank you -          The eblast looks very nice Thank you - Dr. Rendon          I m glad with the marketing efforts taken with my social media - Dr. Tong          Fantastic work team thank you so much - Dr. Loberg          I absolutely love the new social media Banner - Dr. Shelton          Thank you for getting the video gallery changers done within a short time period - Dr. Shelton          The post for October is Awesome - Dr. Kotecha          Wow The new Facebook tab looks great - Dr. Kotecha          Wow I m really impressed with the banner the eblast done for October - Dr. Kotecha          Great job on the Halloween Dental tips banner I m excited It s AMAZING - Dr. Kotecha          Excellent job done with the October Newsletter Thanks - Dr. Rosner          The new review added to my website looks great Thank you - Dr. Selkin          Great work done on the Vanquish Page Thank you - Dr. Maddox          The update on the SWCA news page look great Thank you - Dr. Hartman          The new video looks great - Dr. Loberg          Thank you for updating the TV interview on my website it looks great - Dr. Loberg          The August articles are good thank you -          The banner beast cancer awareness looks great Thank you -          The banners on Social Media looks wonderful Thank you -          Team well done on the Pinterest Profile - Dr. Shelton          The local event link on Facebook is a great idea looks wonderful Thanks - Dr. Bruyere          The September article was wonderful Thanks Team -          Wow Thank you for the prompt website edit that was fast indeed -          I am impressed with the articles the phone recordings special phone number etc published in the website - Dr. Koppikar          Team the site design was perfect you guys nailed it well done - Dr. Sidhu          The new Tab Monthly Calender added to my website looks great - Dr. Cohen          Thank you team for the hard work you have put to increasing my ranking on SEO -          The photos and videos that have been added to the video gallery page is extra ordinary Way to go team - Dr. Shelton          Thank you all for you hard work - Dr. Breadon          Super effort on the SM message shared - Dr. Stern          Great work on the articles and Video -          I m very happy with the results I have got by working with Ekwa You are on the right track keep up the good work - Dr. Church          The direction page on the website Looks totally Awesome Thank You for your responsiveness - Dr. Stern          I love the new idea lets gets started right away - Dr. Noor          The website looks great Our patient base from Google searches has expanded Thank you team - Dr. Bruyere          Love the Pinterest page Great work - Dr. Maddox          ove the August articles Fantastic work from the writers Thank you -          Thank you for the Google analytics report Nice work - Dr. Cobb          Great work with the August monthly articles Thank you - Dr. Rosner          Love the featured articles Excellent work team Thank you - Dr. Griffin          Thank you for adding the banner on our website Great work - Dr. Billingsley          Thank you for all your help with the call notes Patients are coming to us from the website - Dr. Luu          This is excellent service The teams keep us informed on all website progress at all times -          The website looks absolutely awesome I love it - Dr. Loberg          Amazing work with the website design and content Thankyou for all your hard work -          Wonderful work with the Back to School Month banner Looks great Thankyou -          Love the Back to school Eblast Thank you - Dr. Rosner          July articles look great Thankyou for all your hard work -          Love the designs for the posters Thank you for all of your work - Dr. Rose          Thankyou for adding the new photos and videos to the news page of the website Great job - Dr. Hartman          Love the Dental Education Video app and the other links as well Thankyou - Dr. Goel          The new picture on the SM banner looks awesome Great work - Dr. Westermeier          Thankyou for sending the articles live Great job - Dr. Jones          The page for the new tab looks excellent Once again great work team - Dr. Weaver          Excellent work with the monthly articles Well done team Thankyou - Dr. Shelton          Thankyou for making the changes on the Tri folder brochure It looks excellent - Dr. Jackson          Thankyou for all the hard work with the awards page content Great job team - Dr. Golab          Love the new veneers video Looks Great Thankyou team - Dr. Siegel          Once again excellent work with the articles and July banners Thankyou - Dr. Alkhoury          The special banners for July are simply great Thankyou - Dr. Anders          Appreciate all the hard work with the awards page content time line Thankyou - Dr. Golab          Thankyou for all your hard work on the tri fold brochure This is exactly what I wanted - Dr. Bruyere          Flyer on the website looks great Excellent work -          Great work team The May Report says it all Thankyou - Dr. Tong          Special Banners for July are just wonderful Nice work team Thank you -          Fantastic job with the Social Media banners They look great -          Great work on the July Social Media banners Especially love the cartoon Thankyou - Dr. Medlock          Good job with adding the B A images to the website Looks perfect Thankyou - Dr. Shelton          The new Quora blog article looks great Thankyou team - Dr. Shelton          The new website design looks great Wonderful work Thankyou - Dr. Siegel          Reviews md is an amazing idea I love it Thankyou for all your hard work - Dr. Chevalier          The June banners are excellent Thank you team - Dr. Golab          Great job on adding the testimonials to the web pages Thankyou - Dr. Farshidi          Fabulous job on the tri fold brochure Love it Thankyou team - Dr. Bruyere          Excellent work on the video clip Thankyou - Dr. Alkhoury          Excellent work on the new design Thankyou team - Dr. Lim          The June articles are excellent Wonderful job Thankyou - Dr. Golab          The July newsletter looks really nice Great job -          Love the 4th of July offer Looks Fantastic Thankyou team - Dr. Hartman          The video is just perfect Thankyou for all your hard work - Dr. Downie          Thankyou for the weekly update Great work by the go live team - Dr. Jackson          June newsletter articles are just great Very well written Thankyou - Dr. Arellano          The magazine articles are just perfect Thank you team - Dr. Downie          Wonderful presentation of FB graph Appreciate the hard work team Thankyou - Dr. Shelton          I love the brochure Thank you team - Dr. Bruyere          The Facebook graph looks interesting - Dr. Kent          Thankyou for completing the Week of beauty Eblast so quickly Looks great - Dr. Breadon          The products page categorization looks great Thank you team - Dr. Breadon          Glad to see the 2013 New York Super Doctors Listing highlighted on the homepage Excellent work - Dr. Shelton          Wow the eblast makes a world of difference Thank you team - Dr. Shelton          The SM Banners are all beautiful Thank you -          The father s day specials banner looks great Fantastic job Thanks - Dr. Cohen          Excellent work with the website updates Thankyou - Dr. Potgieter          Really liked the June Newsletter Thankyou team - Dr. Aurelia          The Perio Protect Content for the Website looks great Thank you - Dr. Milligan          The special Father s Day eblast is great Excellent work Thankyou - Dr. Shelton          June news letter looks excellent - Dr. Billingsley          The Free Teeth Whitening poster and Care to Share look great Thankyou - Dr. Cha          Love the video for the website Thank you team - Dr. Rolfes          Special offer for the site is great Love It -          Awesome Go ahead and put the Facebook reviews on the website - Dr. Palmer          Facebook fan page looks good It s come a long way - Dr. Downie          Thanks for the weekly updates Great Job -          Great job on the May articles team - Dr. Golab          April articles look great Thanks - Dr. Anders          New eblast looks awesome Very happy with this Thanks team Bethany - Dr. Noor          Second banner on importance of screening is great Thanks - Dr. Milligan          Delighted with the design This is better than anything I had imagined - Dr. Stern          Transitions look great Thank you team - Dr. Schmidt          Ekwa s call tracking is a Great Program Thank you team This is real value added service - Dr. Downie          A million thanks for attending to my task on a weekend Have a great weekend - Dr. Downie          The summer solstice banner and the first Father s Day banner with the hands are perfect - Dr. Downie          The June Banners and Special Day Banners all look very nice - Dr. Goel          All the Father s Day Banners are very nice - Dr. Goel          Published article to website looks great - Dr. Hartman          I like the new Fraxel and Clear Brilliant pages They look great Thank you team - Dr. Hartman          Updated NL content for May looks great Thank you for the quick additions - Dr. Hartman          I liked the article on tattoo removal process Very informative I learned something new - Dr. Hartman          The new video rotation feature on the website looks good I like it Thanks For Your Persistence - Dr. Rosner          Thank you for your patience even though I am slow with emails - Dr. Medlock          Quick response and timeline I appreciate your working with me - Dr. Golab          Very well done on the May Quora article I liked the finished product Thanks Team - Dr. Shelton          The May 2013 Newsletter looks awesome I love it Thanks - Dr. Shelton          This is great The quick response and the timeline are appreciated Thanks Team -          Great job with the articles They are really good Please use them immediately - Dr. Claassen          Great work on the blog articles and posts team Thanks - Dr. Shelton          The design looks really good Like the coloring changes on the logo area At 9 3 4 now Perfect WE WILL CRUSH THE COMPETITION - Dr. Jackson          I showed the site design to my wife and she loved it - Dr. Church          The site just went live and we are already getting new patients - Dr. Askenazi          The Ask the Dentist app on the website is great You guys did a wonderful job - Dr. Pasquier          Photos are perfect for what I am trying to convey - Dr. Burgess          Design and colors look nice and calming - Dr. Selkin          I absolutely do think that the voicemail widget is very cutting edge and like the idea - Dr. Downie          Getting several new patients a week - Dr. Ingber          Brilliant job team - Dr. Kotecha          I really appreciate your help and how great you have been with all of the changes I have been requesting -          The call tracking tool sounds great - Dr. Kent          Great to have all of the testimonials organized - Dr. Cohen          The holistic image uploaded on the website is perfect -          The new banners are awesome - Dr. Shelton          Thanks for adding Spreecast videos to the site - Dr. Cruz          Outstanding work on the monthly articles Approved - Dr. Pierre          Thank you for handling the ADA library setup so promptly - Dr. Madsen          Great Looks fab Thank you for updating - Dr. Stewart          Working with GoLive team was good Very happy with the website - Dr. Hatcher          Ekwa Marketing is truly on top of things At Clint Bruyere dental practice we happily give Ekwa marketing a 10 - Dr. Bruyere          I like all the June banners Especially the Flag Day one - Dr. Evans          I am going to email Naren and tell him what a great job your team is doing - Dr. Spath          Rock on Great job - Dr. Golab          Your team has done an amazing job with enhancements to the website - Dr. Spath          All the keywords rank on Google search Awesome Great job - Dr. Loberg          You guys are awesome I will be referring you guys to an incredibly special group of elite dentists in Atlanta - Dr. Loberg          Great job It s wonderful to see the activity archived on the WordPress - Dr. Shelton          The new videos look great - Dr. McMillan          Love the new social media banners - Dr. Shelton          The mobile site looks amazing Great fantastic - Dr. Loberg          Good job and thank you for working with our recommendations -          Yay Nice work on the e Blast - Dr. Rendon          Glad to rank your services 10 on 10 Getting many new patients every month - Dr. Hartman          The articles are well written please post - Dr. Cruz          Love the changes to the Veneers page Great work - Dr. Siegel          Already had 12 calls just from the website since it went live last week - Dr. Loberg          We are getting more patients through the door - Dr. Medlock          Beautiful I love it Please post this Monday s Spreecast - Dr. Cruz          So far the payment option has met with good success and patient appreciation - Dr. Lee          Good Good Good Had a very good experience with the Go Live team and hope the same with the Web Improvement team -          What a comprehensive newsletter We truly work with an amazing company - Dr. Hartman          The newsletter is fantastic - Dr. Spath          Every concern I ever have is addressed immediately and professionally Happy weekend I know I will have one because of you - Dr. Bruyere          Thank you for always being so responsive - Dr. Panagotacos          Excellent job with the two articles - Dr. Milligan          Impressed with the new web design - Dr. Hatcher          I appreciate the exceptional work done for my new book and video - Dr. Spath          Thank you for cleaning up the bad links from the site Nice work - Dr. Siegel          Nice work on these articles - Dr. Siegel          All is great about targeting new cities and we can go live -          Awesome work on the new layouts and enhancements for the procedure pages - Dr. Matarazzo          Call tracking is a great idea - Dr. Read Christoper & Brent Parker          The Invisalign page looks great - Dr. Loberg          You re doing a great job for us Keep up the good work - Dr. Evans          The new web design is very nice and different - Dr. Askenazi          The Valentine banner looks awesome eBlast it today - Dr. Hartman          I had a beautiful experience with the Go Live process -          Love your posts on my social media accounts and the messages and banners you come up with -          The FB updates are awesome - Dr. Bruyere          This is beyond perfect I so appreciate it - Dr. Downie          The new articles are much appreciated and wow what a difference - Dr. Westermeier          You rock - Dr. Downie          Many of my patients tell me that they found me through Google search - Dr. Levenson          These articles look great and are good to put up on the web -          We have had 10 good new patients via our website thus far that have brought in 6 092 - Dr. Aurelia          We are already getting new patients from the Internet - Dr. Tong          The community event tab is a great idea let s move forward with that -          I like the banner and the photos added to the pages - Dr. Cha          To the entire Ekwa Team I appreciate your great work keep it up - Dr. Shelton          Seeing a positive change in the quality and quantity of patients since our site went live - Dr. Kent          The new Patient Forms on the website are so great It s easy and efficient and looks great -          Oh my God The new web design looks awesome Phenomenal - Dr. Loberg          9 out of 10 at least for the web design -          The new video on the bucket page looks great and plays well - Dr. Shelton          The articles are fine without edits - Dr. Rosner          We generated 20 000 from just 12 days of Christmas Promo you did for us - Dr. Hartman          Wow the content looks fantastic Very well written - Dr. Dotsch          I am referring an oral surgeon and an orthodontist to Ekwa -          The website looks great so far - Dr. Malone          I m getting two new patients a week could be more -          Website looks good starting to see progress -          You guys are amazing - Dr. Panagotacos          The site looks great I think the copywriting is excellent -          I rate you 9 5 out of 10 on my experience of being with Ekwa -          The new social media banners are excellent - Dr. Rosner          I am receiving about seven new patients a month -          I just told my daughter you all come up with the BEST banners Lots of talent - Dr. Bruyere          Very impressed so far and cannot wait to continue working with you and getting more positive results - Dr. Evans          Awesome Thank you for being thorough - Dr. Hartman          Love the color style pictures everything about my new site - Dr. Chevalier          The final site looks great -          Everything on the site looks fine and dandy -          The final site looks great - Dr. Billingsley          We appreciate the constant updates and new articles - Dr. Lee          I have noticed an increase in FB activity and think it s great - Dr. Arellano          Excellent design I like the site It looks clean and not too busy - Dr. Kumar          More people are seeing us on the Internet and we are getting more and more new patients - Dr. Aurelia          The first go at the new website design is excellent - Dr. Schmidt          Love the new website design Very pretty -          I am confident we can get us found by more people in the very near future - Dr. Dotsch          You have been a great help and a sounding board - Dr. Dotsch          Awesome Team Ekwa You are precious -          I really like the website design Everything is looking really great -          You guys are on the ball -          THANK YOU so much for working so expeditiously to update our website and Facebook What a great job - Dr. Hartman          Love my new site and love working with your team - Dr. Jones          Thank you all for so much hard work We are REALLY pleased - Dr. Bruyere          Very impressed extremely pleased with the design Very professional -          Thanks for doing such a nice job on editing the video - Dr. Shelton          I am excited to be working with your team - Dr. Neal          I really appreciate you spending all this time with me to review my website changes - Dr. Luu          Your quick change is drastically appreciated - Dr. Hartman          You are the best -          The site looks good to me Thanks and good job - Dr. Jones          The newsletter looks really professional and I am very pleased with it Keep up the good work - Dr. Spath          Love the slides for the new web design - Dr. Siegel          Thank you for expediting the articles You have been so great to work with I am so pleased - Dr. Shelton          The blog looks great thanks - Dr. Lupo          The images on the procedures page look great - Dr. Claassen          We really appreciate how much you guys have done and the site truly looks spectacular -          I am very happy with your services and will refer new clients - Dr. Levenson          I would like to approve all the short messages these are great - Dr. Potgieter          I think all of the new content sounds great -          The mobile site looks good -          The weekly update sounds great Thnx -          The Facebook and Google banners look great -          I know it was a mess and I am sure you have spent a ton of time on this project so again thank you for all you do for us -          I know it was a mess and I am sure you have spent a ton of time on this project -          The articles are perfect Let s go with these -          Yes I do approve the new mobile site THANKS it looks great - Dr. Link          Everything looks great let s move forward - Dr. Link          The special offer eBlast draft is excellent - Dr. Shelton          Everything about the articles looks great - Dr. Rolfes          I m good with the perio and TMJ articles Nice writing - Dr. Cobb          That looks great what you added to the list of existing reviews - Dr. Cha          Awesome everything looks great - Dr. Palmer          Thank you for all your hard and quick work - Dr. Lee          Thanks for your patience and all the hard work -          Keep up the good work -          The newsletter is a very creative idea you had instituted - Dr. Kent          Great articles I approve them - Dr. Palmer          This email blast is so perfect - Dr. Rendon          I value your expertise and will go with your suggestion - Dr. Arellano          I approve the articles They are excellent - Dr. Pasquier          The CNN clip on the homepage is great - Dr. Shelton          All the social media messages are fine to use - Dr. Rosner          Social media looks great -          The above banners are the ones I like most - Dr. Griffin          That s a wonderful idea to increase FB likes and Google reviews - Dr. Greenberg          The website design is absolutely gorgeous It really is coming together nicely -          Wow you are fast We have a goddess for our marketing liaison -          Both articles are well written and accurate - Dr. Cobb          The promotions on my homepage banner look fab - Dr. Hartman          I like the social media messages you sent for approval Good job -          All the social media postings look good - Dr. Crowl          I trust your social media messages Please continue doing what you are -          Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and I wanted to say Thank You -          The PR text does echo my sentiment Thanks for a great job - Dr. Shelton          I am happy for the site to go live - Dr. Claassen          I received 36 new patients from April to June Very happy with the performance of my website - Dr. Shelton          I reviewed the Invisalign content and am very happy with it - Dr. Aurelia          We appreciate your knowledge and understanding of our goals -          The eBlast letter with final edits looks great - Dr. Rosner          The positive comments on web pages look good - Dr. Koppikar          That is a very good idea to get more clients - Dr. Alkhoury          All your postings on Facebook are FANTASTIC I really love the variety and timing - Dr. Bruyere          You do a great job with the content -          Thanks Naren and the EKWA team for all your help and support -          The new campaign looks great -          Excellent - Dr. Swift          I approve the three articles They are excellent - Dr. Pasquier          Thank you for everything We have just finished a GREAT month and if feels so wonderful - Dr. Bruyere          The awards page is nicely done - Dr. Shelton          Thank you for the quick turnaround - Dr. Lupo          Links for the award are all great Thanks - Dr. Shelton          The new pictures look great Please make this public ASAP -          I love the Images Gallery It looks great - Dr. Dass          The banner is perfect Thank you - Dr. Rosner          The images of implants look great Thanks so much -          I really really appreciate the prompt turnaround on getting the pix uploaded on my site -          Nice job done on the video testimonials - Dr. Alkhoury          The addition of Botox Special Player on my site looks good -          These articles for my site are great Thank You - Dr. Krieger          The banner on my site is good - Dr. Ingber          Thank you oodles - Dr. Bruyere          As usual you guys at EKWA rock - Dr. Port          The Special Offers display looks great -          Hey that s a great idea You guys are so great - Dr. Panagotacos          Very happy with the progress - Dr. Ingber          You are always so nice and helpful - Dr. Dernick          Getting new patients everyday Love your work - Dr. Koppikar          The new article and the bio page are nicely done - Dr. Shelton          Thanks for fixing the FB admin issue -          I like the new FB promotion banner -          Thank you for the new article published on site - Dr. Bruyere          The new webpage looks great -          Thanks for fixing the FB admin issue -          The Office Tour tab on the website looks good Thanks -          Getting new patients Seeing results -          The eBlast looks fantastic Seriously excellent work -          I love the mobile site What a great thing - Dr. Cruz          The mobile site looks good You have my approval -          I like the new article on my site Thanks -          The mobile site looks great Thanks - Dr. Greenberg          The response to our site has increased tremendously since we changed the homepage Well done -          This is fabulous Thank you so much -          The video testimonials on my site look really good - Dr. Alkhoury          I noticed the share link on my new homepage video Nice touch -          The new pages on my site look great Thank you for your dedication -          Thank you for updating the site It looks very good - Dr. Lee          I like it Thanks - Mrs. Golden          New additions to the media section look good Thank you - Dr. Lupo          Thanks for constantly improving your service - Dr. Arellano          You are amazing and I have no complaints -          Very happy with the progress Getting patients from the Internet already - Dr. Carlos          So many new patients My practice is climbing exponentially -          Very happy with the progress Getting patients from the Internet already - Dr. Carlos          I love the changes You guys are the best - Dr. Rolfes          The website looks great Thank you -         

Why Our Clients give us Two Thumbs Up!

Growing stronger and stronger

Peterson Pierre of www.pierreskincare.com, ranks in the first place of Google for over 20 highly competitive keywords with 56 keywords ranking in page one of Google. The website also ranks in the top 3 positions of Google, Yahoo and Bing for 220 highly searched keywords.

Together with social media marketing and website traffic, Peterson Pierre is seen online 2577 times a month.
Satisfied with the service

I have been a client of Ekwa Marketing  for the past few months. I am very satisfied with the service. I have been impressed that there are so many people working with me to promote my website. It is Important that there was always somebody there to answer my questions. I would recommend Ekwa Marketing  to others. - A Client
I give them an A+!
"Naren (Ekwa Marketing) revamped my website and I have actually been very pleased. His company is now starting to manage my social media sites, which I don't have the time or desire to do. So far, I give them an A+."

Dr. John Palmer
Their services will set your website apart from your competitors
"The teams at Ekwa Marketing understand the methods needed to get your website noticed. Thanks to their work on Google Places, almost 2000 local, potential patients found me through local search results on Google maps. Ekwa Marketing's knowledge and professionalism, combined with their personal approach set them apart, and using their services will set your website apart from your competitors."

Dr. Mary Lupo
100 New Patients Every Month
"Google is the biggest marketing tool in the history of civilization and we are dominating it. Thank you Ekwa Marketing for getting us there. We are getting over a 100 new patients from the internet every single month. The fact that you did this for me in Chicago where there are 10,000 to 15,000 dentists is amazing! What you have done for me with my website, facebook marketing, youtube marketing, twitter marketing, all your marketing online services and everything else is beyond belief. You can't fool Google. It is nothing but hard work and dedication. You are the best at it. THANK YOU!"

Dr. Theodore M. Siegel
Results occurred at a much faster rate
"Ekwa Marketing optimizes my website and actually rebuilt my previous website to maximize its effectiveness. About three months or so after launching we started seeing that we were getting some meaningful hits. The positive thing with Ekwa Marketing is that results occurred at a much faster rate and I found that Naren really actively listened and really cared about fulfilling what my goals were."

Dr. Mark A Cruz
More new patients calling us
"As always, we appreciate your input and help you have given us so far. We have seen more new patients calling us who found us on Google, visited our site, liked the layout and what they saw, and decided to call. Some even from across town, which is about 20 miles. So you and your team are doing a GREAT job !!"

Dr. Doug Brossoit
They provide excellent, professional service, and are highly knowledgeable about Internet Marketing
"Working with Ekwa Marketing SEO Services has been a very satisfying experience. They provide excellent, professional service, and are highly knowledgeable about Internet Marketing. I'm very excited about my new website design, and happy with the personalized, attention to detail that went into it."

Dr. Martin Franklin
We are very satisfied with our new website designed by Ekwa Marketing
"We are very satisfied with our new website designed by Ekwa Marketing. Throughout the process, each team member that we dealt with through email and/or phone has been very helpful, courteous, professional, and prompt with replies. They made some great suggestions to optimize the use of our website, such as newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and to increase the SEO and patient flow of our practice. It is also reassuring to know that they're taking care of our website while we are busy taking care of our patients."

Dr. Peter W. Cha
I'm glad I took the time to carefully pick my SEO company
"It took me several months to pick an SEO company that I had confidence in. All the SEO companies that were vying for my business had the same cookie cutter formula. Ekwa Marketing has gone above and beyond basic SEO and their research on why people choose who they choose is remarkable. I'm glad I took the time to carefully pick my SEO company. Ekwa Marketing is truly in a different league. THANKS!"

Dr. Sameet Koppikar
The traffic coming through my door is endless
"I am absolutely thrilled with Ekwa Marketing services! Everyone is awesome to work with and very professional. The traffic coming through my door is endless. We are continuously getting new patients. The results are worth every penny. I highly recommend Ekwa Marketing and their excellent marketing team."

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury
Fortunately we have found Ekwa Marketing!
"We have been looking for a website company to man and create our website for a long time now. Fortunately we have found Ekwa Marketing and they have met and exceeded our expectations. We no longer need to worry and work on the website and can spend our time with our patients and investing our time in our career which we love."

Dr. Thomas J. Rolfes
They do excellent work!
"It has been a very rewarding experience working with Ekwa Marketing. They do excellent work and stand by what they say they will accomplish. I enjoy the personal touch I receive every time I have to deal with small details or certain aspects of my SEO or website. I highly recommend Ekwa Marketing for all your SEO or custom website development needs."

Dr. Rogel A. Carlos
My website traffic has increased dramatically in the six months!
"The team at Ekwa is focused and responsible. A very thorough and professional company. My website traffic has increased dramatically in the six months I have been with Ekwa. The entire team is easy to work with and responsive to my needs. We track all our marketing and online referrals are absolutely our number one source of new patients!"

Dr. Stanley Levenson
Ekwa does the heavy lifting for me!
“It is just over two years since I joined hands with Ekwa Marketing in order to make my practice grow. Honestly, I am amazed and very happy with how things have evolved and progressed with Ekwa’s unique Internet Marketing efforts and sharp strategies.

My stats speak for themselves – the last I checked, 3520 people see me across the internet and my practice is ranked within the first 3 places on Google, Yahoo & Bing for 375 highly searched dental key words. I am truly dominating my geographical market in Cary, NC.

My business has grown by approximately $ 300,000 per annum in just two years. I have NOT done any other type of marketing or advertising nor have I increased my pricing. This is pure growth; a direct result of my commissioning Ekwa to do the heavy lifting to grow my practice. I am more than pleased with the results and the increase in my patients and revenue. I am able to tend to my patients who need me and not be weighed down with the nitty gritty details of SEO or online marketing. Keep up the hard work on my behalf Ekwa! Thank you."

Dr. Carl McMillan
Patient Flow
"Naren, Jamie & the Social Media team have had a tremendous impact on my start up dental practice. I began a practice in a very competitive market in Newport Beach about three months ago. With strong encouragement from several colleagues one of the first things I did was call Naren at Ekwa Marketing. Naren took the time to speak with me about the ins and outs of starting a dental practice. He has been a tremendous resource for me giving me great ideas to jump start patient flow. The Ekwa Marketing crew prides themselves on doing things the right way, never cutting corners, and truly setting their doctors up to succeed. My website was developed by Ekwa Marketing and in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful dental websites I have seen. Thanks to the team at Ekwa Marketing I am already starting to see patient flow increase in just my third month."

Dr. Andrew Spath
I highly recommend their company
"I know that it is very important today, to incorporate social media and networking into the public relations campaign of a medical practice. As I do not tweet, nor have a personal Facebook account, I did not want to delay the onset of my practice benefiting from a Twitter and Facebook presence. I am very happy with the support that I have received from Ekwa Marketing in creating these accounts for me.

It is a very efficient process from the time I conceive of an idea to disseminate to the time it is broadcast via Ekwa Marketing's help. They created the accounts and passwords for me and made it turnkey and streamlined the whole process. They make me feel that it is important to them to make this a successful undertaking for my practice. I highly recommend their company for website development and social media."

Dr. Ron Shelton
It is nice to know that someone will be watching my company's performance and working to make it stronger from every aspect
"Ekwa Marketing is the most comprehensive, organized internet-technology firm that I have worked with. They truly have every base covered in terms of maximizing a client's exposure on all of the major search engines. It is nice to know that someone will be watching my company's performance and working to make it stronger from every aspect."

Dr. Corey Hartman
Due to their tireless efforts, my website traffic has grown tremendously
"Ekwa Marketing has over 65 experts dedicating 110 plus hours every month to help grow my online presence. Due to their tireless efforts, my website traffic has grown tremendously. I now consistently receive over 3,000 organic visits each month, of which 2,500 or more are new visitors."

Dr. Edmund Kwan
I am very happy with all of the services
"I am very happy with all of the services, the level of professionalism, and attention to detail! I have highly recommended Naren and Ekwa to a number of my friends and associates. We love the website design and are already getting a lot of business. Superior level of service!"

Dr. Jeanine B. Downie
Most professional and competent group of individuals!
"Ekwa Marketing is among the most professional and competent group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in any industry. Their work is top notch and accomplishes what is set as the goals. I couldn't be happier with the results or the process. I highly recommend them."

Dr. Dean Dietrich
Thrilled with Ekwa Marketing Services!
"My website had been up for many years and, honestly, its performance was lacking. Then I hooked up with Ekwa Marketing and a lot of things changed. I have a new site; new Facebook page; continual monitoring of all results; timely updates and consistent improvements and changes. My website is loaded with SEO Optimized content, Ekwa Marketing teams are fast and responsive and I’m ranking #1 on many Google searches.

The comments and praise that I have received about our website, Facebook pages and Tweets have been amazing. I feel that I am getting value for my investment and that the end product portrays my practice in the light of which I wanted it to be seen. I am thrilled with Ekwa Marketing services!"

Dr. Frank Rosner
The team did a great job!
"The team did a great job from listening to my vision and applying to the web design to the little details. I felt that everyone is working in harmony and sync to make the process easy and convenient. I would recommend Ekwa Marketing to anyone who is looking for quality at a very high professional level. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything."

Dr. Tamer Shalaby
We are extremely pleased!
"They've successfully taken our 40 year old Academy into the electronic age, and have done so with class, keen insight and attention to detail. We are extremely pleased with everything they have done and will continue to do for us"

Dr. Richard G. Stevenson III (AOD Secretary)
We love it!
"We just finished designing our second website with Ekwa and we love it! Everyone works very well together and any questions we have are answered thoroughly. The teams have so much knowledge to share with us, making for a very positive experience."

Dr. Justin Stewart
Ekwa definitely "Crushing my competition!"
"In my first month with Ekwa, I had 34 keywords in the top 3 places of the major search engines. Now, in less than 2 years, my website ranks for 358 (or we can say hundreds of) keywords in the top 3 places! Results are proven. Ekwa has a very professional staff and they deliver what they promise. We are definitely "Crushing my competition!"

Dr. Jonathan J. Golab

Testimonials from some of our other clients

Client Testimonials - A video testimonial from Dr. Vic A. Narurkar www.bayarealaserdr.com Client Testimonials - A video testimonial from Dr. Jeanine Downie, www.imagedermatology.com Client Testimonials - A video testimonial from Dr. Ron M Shelton M.D., www.thenyac.com Client Testimonials - A video testimonial from Dr. Matthew B. Doppelt, D.O., www.drdoppelt.com

Why is it important for a Dermatologist to have a comprehensive local SEO strategy in Santa Barbara, California ?

Search engine positioning is very important to Dermatologist 's. Most new patients find and contact a Dermatologist by starting an Internet search or by seeking referrals from friends and family living in Santa Barbara, California (most of whom find their Dermatologist by starting an Internet search), with recent changes to Google's search algorithm which includes updates like Panda , Penguin and Hummingbird a more technically complex search engine has evolved which specifically focuses on semantics – comprehending natural language and complex searches in order to better understand the intent of the searcher and deliver the best results. Is your website optimized to deliver the best results?

At Ekwa Marketing we are committed to helping each and every one of our Dermatologist 's dominate their respective geographic area with a beautiful custom built website and a powerful SEO package custom built for Dermatologist 's in Santa Barbara, California .

It’s never too early to start reaching your local online audience through SEO. Want to learn more on how Ekwa Marketing's search engine optimization, social media marketing, website design and online marketing packages can help you dominate Santa Barbara, California ? Call us at 855-346-0510 for a FREE website analysis and review.

Rating: 5

ekwa Marketing Services Reviewed by Dr. Theodore M. Siegel Chicago, Illinois

Google is the biggest marketing tool in the history of civilization and we are dominating it. Thank you Ekwa Marketing for getting us there. We are getting over a 100 new patients from the internet every single month. The fact that you did this for me in Chicago where there are 10,000 to 15,000 dentists is amazing! What you have done for me with my website, facebook marketing, youtube marketing, twitter marketing, all your marketing online services and everything else is beyond belief. You can't fool Google. It is nothing but hard work and dedication. You are the best at it. THANK YOU!

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