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Ekwa marketing is proud to maintain a strategic relationship with Veterinary Marketing Technology ( Based on our relationship, Ekwa strives to offer quality online marketing tools and resources to veterinarians, who like Vmartec, embrace the entrepreneurial spirit every business owner needs to succeed in private practice.

One excellent way to market your practice online and greatly engage visitors is with infographics. Infographics use fewer words and colorful pictures and characters to grab a visitor’s attention encouraging them to share, like and stay on your pages and profiles longer!

Below are informative infographics, for you to share on your social media profiles, website or even in your practice newsletter. These infographics are being offered to you because you are a fan of Vmartec. They are free for you to use, so please check back often. We will be adding new graphics each month!

Another excellent resource we offer to veterinarians is our comprehensive Marketing Review and Strategy Session, with Naren, Ekwa’s Founder and CEO. A $500 value, we are happy to offer this opportunity to Vmartec visitors at no cost.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Understanding branding

Understanding branding- video

Help people find you

Help people find you - video

How to systematize your practice

How to systematize your practice - video

What do they tell clients

What do they tell clients - video

As Founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren knows how to help veterinarians get their practice where they want it to go! Read what he has to say about online marketing in his new book, "Game Over: A Veterinarian’s Guide to Google Domination!" Fill out the form below to request a free digital copy sent to you via email!

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