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Did you know that Ekwa Marketing’s Video 360 team helps you create incredible videos with minimal effort? How do we do it?All we need from you is for you to record your thoughts about a few topics related to your business/practice. That's it. It's that simple. Your recording can include a general explanation about the procedure/service or treatment, answer commonly asked questions, why a potential new patient should select you/your practice, etc.

Once we get your recording, the team would then edit it and convert it to a video, which we would then embed on your website. The longer the recording the more videos we can create. Sky's the limit.

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Record when its convenient to you - Use a Toll-Free call-in number (only applicable to the US and Canada) and follow the voice prompts to record your talking points.
Record when its convenient to you - Use a web interface to record your talking points whenever you are free.

Limited Availability - Record the video narration with a Video 360 Team member guiding you via a Zoom meeting
Why are videos so important? We all know content is a must for a website to survive in the online world. We at Ekwa strive to deliver original content that targets a specific search term. The purpose of the content (with the help of offsite and onsite optimizations) is to get exposure for your webiste in search results and get more people through your virtual front door (website).

What then? Videos together with images, reviews, and even case studies, when added to key pages can help increase conversions because they are more visual and engaging and makes the page more interesting to the user.

Embedding videos created via Video 360 on your website can also help increase the average time a user spends on your site. This is one of the many signals that Google looks at when determining what pages to show in search results.

The benefits just keep on coming because videos can also rank on their own in video search results for certain search results. So it's a win-win all around.

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