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Common SEO Mistakes that can Spoil your Veterinary Marketing Strategy

September 10th, 2014 | Vets and Pets


Veterinary Search engine optimization (SEO) is not only about behind the scene activity that includes keywords, title tags, meta descriptions and other technical tactics. SEO is increasingly about a combination of excellent content creation, organic link building, social media networking, and onsite strategic adjustments.

Over-emphasis on Back Links

Excessive attention to achieving back links, without worrying for their quality is one of the key mistakes that many veterinary practice marketing strategists continue to make. Commenting on online forums and blogs, distributing frequent online press releases, sending articles to online directories, and link swapping with relevant websites are no longer effective strategies. Getting published in the media and writing columns and articles for respected online publications, websites and blogs are much more valid SEO efforts.

Getting Entangled in Metrics and Stats

Many SEO experts get trapped in the large amounts of statistics, metrics, analytics, graphs and charts that can be generated about the SEO campaign. Rather they should redirect those energies on creating original, relevant and compelling online content. Statistics and analytics are definitely important, but they are tool for evaluation and adjustment of results, which should be used only after your veterinary practice SEO strategies have been implemented.

More Text, Few Images and Videos

Text-heavy websites are gradually losing their charm, and even veterinary websites cannot remain immune to this trend. Search engine spiders attach more weight to websites that include images, videos and infographics. The massive popularity of YouTube is an indicator of the growing power of video-based content, which is more valuable from an SEO perspective as well.

Absence of Localized Focus

Most veterinary practices operate as standalone offices, with a localized target market. They require localized SEO strategies to reach out to their target audience within a confined area. However, many veterinary practice websites have a conspicuous absence of localized content. Instead of focusing on the needs of their local clients, they are far too generic in their approach towards information dissemination.

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