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Consistency is the Key to Content Marketing Success

May 6th, 2015 | Vets and Pets

Content marketing can bring great brand recognition for your veterinary practice. Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that in a heartbeat. But here’s the catch – it works fantastically if done correctly and consistently. Hitting the quality benchmark is not all that difficult. What is difficult is creating quality content on a steady and consistent basis. And if your veterinary practice content team is limited to one or two people, achieving this goal can get that much more difficult.

Now for the good part – regardless of the size of your content marketing team, you can build a consistent content marketing pace by adopting some of the following tactics and strategies.

Find your Content Marketing Pace

Start by understanding what your target audience expects. You need to know what kind of content your audience wants, how often they want it, and where they are most likely to consume it. Once you have this information, you can then start planning on how to create content to match those expectations.

To understand content consumption, do this – create a number of posts for all the different channels such as your veterinary practice website, your social channels, or your veterinary practice blog and check when the engagement level of your audience is at its highest.

Bank Content Ideas/Themes for Future Use

You can be the strongest writer in the world and yet there will be days, weeks even when you just lack the motivation, drive, or urge to write! It happens to all of us. So what do you do when you are in a slump or you are time strapped? If you leave things as is, all the hard work you have put in earlier will just get wiped out. Here’s what you can do – create a bank of ideas for future content items. Work out a broad guideline; jot down important points to be covered, images for pictures to be used and or links if any for each item. If you have the groundwork ready, creating that content item gets that much easier. Plus you won’t need to spend too much time over each item.

Plan an Industry-specific Content Build-up for Important Events, Times

Each industry has its own set of important events when audience expectation runs high. If you do have local veterinary events such as dog shows or a pet healthcare drive, or maybe even during a particular season such as during the long hot summer months when pet parents come to you more often, use the opportunity to build up on your content pace. Create more content that is specific to the event/occasion.
Instead of rushing in at the last moment, plan out when you need to put out more even/occasion/season specific content at the beginning of the year and work it into your editorial calendar.

Content creation can be extremely fulfilling and worthy of all the hard work when it is appreciated and readily consumed by your target audiences. It can also win you great brand recognition and help you build authority as a subject matter expert. Again – only if you do it right and are consistent.

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