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Hashtags in Veterinary Marketing – What you should know

March 27th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

Hashtags in Veterinary Marketing

First introduced on Twitter in 2007, hashtags today are integral to a number of social media sites. They are used on Facebook, and leading visual-based social sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and Tumblr as well as in print, other places on the web. Hashtags provide a fun and easy way for social media users to discover new content and also to connect with like minded people. Here are 3 ways in which veterinary practices can use hashtags to help drive practice value.

User-generated content and your Veterinary Social Marketing Campaign

Where traditional marketing was a one-way information channel flowing from company to consumer, social marketing can help veterinary practices build disruptive marketing momentum via user-generated content such as user comments, photos, and videos. Anytime hashtags are inserted into your marketing messages or advertisements, be sure to couple them with contests and sweepstakes and see how the response spreads across various other social outlets. Social marketing thus moves from source to source simultaneously and can have a faster and greater consumer spread.

Categorize your Veterinary practice brand messages

Hashtags are ideal for classifying content. Anytime you upload social media content, make use of hashtags to further describe its value and purpose that it can provide to your audience. Furthermore, unlike keywords in a paid search campaign that are built around terms which are highly specific, in most cases the hashtags you use are or should already be popular. So by using hashtags which are frequently searched you can effectively increase the odds of your content being displayed and getting shared.

Be Judicious in how you use Hashtags

While incorporating hashtags is and can be highly detrimental to your veterinary practice social media marketing strategy, the flip-side is that you might end up overdoing it! If you use too many of hashtags in a single post there is every chance that your marketing message will read like spam; at worst, your social media content consumers might simply tune you out.  Ideally, you are safe if you use one to three hashtags per post. Using hashtags simply requires a better understanding of how and where to use them; keep abreast of social media developments and hashtag trends and you will be able to keep your content popular and thriving.

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