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How to Win more Social Fans for your Dental Practice?

June 30th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Social platforms offer fantastic potential for gaining online exposure, connecting with potential patients, and converting visitors into fans. If you are looking at increasing your social fan following for your dental practice, give the following 5 steps a go.

Post on a Consistent Basis

If you want to build your social fan following, then posting on a consistent basis is essential. Today’s audience has far too many options and they will not hesitate to jump ship if they are not getting what they want. This is why you need to ensure that you follow a consistent posting pattern for your dental practice social accounts.  Keep it fresh and keep it coming and your audience will only be too happy to follow you. However, this is not to say that you flood a user’s feed! Keep in mind, information overload is the quickest way to losing your followers.

Customize your Content to Suit a Platform

Each social platform comes with its own set of best practices and marketing leverage. So obviously you cannot adopt a “one glove fit all” approach. For example, while LinkedIn is great for promoting long-form and more professional content, sites such as Pinterest attract a “visual” crowd. Create your content keeping in mind the marketing positives and negatives of each social site.

Make Promotions and Special Offers Work for your Dental Practice

Contests, freebies, and special promotions are excellent for engaging with your target audience. They can prove to be instrumental in building an army of brand ambassadors who can give your dental marketing a massive boost. Freebies and special offers are great for building some brand goodwill so use them judiciously.

Use a Scheduling Tool

One thing you don’t want to do over social is to leave too many social-media updates in a short period of time. If you are promoting a new dental service or products, that last thing you want to do is go update crazy. It is best that you use a scheduling tool to leave social-media posts in advance. This helps in regulating updation of your social channels in a more consistent pattern.

Engage with your Audience

If your target audience has made the first move and reached out to your over social media, engage with them! If you are presented with specific patient concerns, address them quickly. A study by Lithium found that 72% of users expect a response to their messages within an hour over Twitter. So yes, when you respond, you are effectively extending the relationship and providing them a deeper glimpse into your brand culture.

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