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Legitimize Content and Build Personal Branding with Google Author Markup

September 9th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

If you are a vet running your own veterinary practice website or blog, or have a professional content developer to regularly add content to your site or blog, it may be time for you to consider the possibility of Google Author Markup. People who are already using this option are enjoying extra attention from Google. In the search results next to their content, Google displays their image and relevant information to let it get noticed by the readers.

Google Author Markup is a part of a larger concept called Google Authorship that allows you to link your original content with your Google+ profile. The Markup gives more publicity to the author, makes the content appear more credible, and makes the readers happier because they know they are reading content from a legitimate author, and not some anonymous source. Google loves it when its readers are more satisfied and find the content more believable.

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Over a period of time, as the body of content in a particular veterinary field builds up for the veterinarian, it will add to their credibility as an expert and influence in that particular area. The number of responses, shares, viewership and comments that the content generates over a period of time will add to the power of the content, and the personal brand equity of the author.

From a SEO point of view, Author Markup will offer greater benefits over time. Better click through rates are also possible with the author’s information standing out in the search results. Furthermore, the content becomes more protected with Author Markup. The content trolls cannot steal the content so easily from the site because it is already credited to a specific author and the author has a contact address and a face. Greater trust will also lead to greater number of page views, and better rates of conversion for the veterinary practice at the end of the day.

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