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Optimizing your Dental Website Content in the New Hummingbird Context

June 26th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm has opened up new opportunities for dental website developers and marketers to promote their content and achieve higher search rankings. However, this can be done only when they repurpose their marketing strategies in positive and creative ways to take full advantage of the new search algorithmic structure and changes that Google has introduced.

To begin with, to put the dental website on the radar of Google Hummingbird, the website developers, managers and marketers must start utilizing as many of the Google services that are on offer as possible. Most of these services are available free of charge for Google, and are designed to enhance the quality and impact of the user’s websites and blogs.

For instance, dental marketers should remember that YouTube is a powerful video search engine owned by Google. Addressing the queries of potential patients through innovative and original videos on YouTube and popularizing them through another prominent Google service such as Google+ is an effective way to put the dental website directly on the radar of Hummingbird.

New online content for dental marketing should be geared more in a direction that is favored by the Hummingbird algorithm. For instance, rather than focusing on heavily text-oriented information alone, the same information can be presented via images, videos, infographics, and How To messages. Information in the form of interviews with the dentist or other professional experts in the field can be an excellent idea to grab the attention of Hummingbird.

The dental website, in the wake of Hummingbird, should ideally include a comprehensive FAQ page that addresses the common queries of potential patients in proper detail. If the website includes articles and blog posts, there should be a moderate mix of How To posts as well as articles in Q&A format. Research studies, white papers, reports, industry debates, news coverage and interviews are other types of content that may find more favor with Hummingbird.

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