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Google Hummingbird and your Veterinary Practice

December 2nd, 2013 | Vets and Pets

On September 27th, 2013 Google announced the Google Hummingbird algorithm. Designed to optimize search queries, Google’s Hummingbird will make finding information over the Internet smarter and easier for web surfers. Although the new algorithm does come with major changes, the search engine giant has not shifted its focus from giving prominence to unique and custom content. Also a relevant and high quality link is just as important even now.

Will Google’s Hummingbird Impact your Veterinary Practice Website?

Google has been looking at different ways in which it can improve user experience. While the Penguin updates penalized websites with low … Read More

Are you Building your Google Authorship on Google+?

November 21st, 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

As per the recent comScore networks numbers, Google commands 67 percent of the U.S. search market, followed by 16.5 percent for Bing and 12.1 percent for Yahoo. Healthcare professionals who are active on the Internet, write blogs, columns and other online content, and engage on social media networks should know that having a strong presence on Google+ is likely to boost the prospects for their online content in the future.

What is Google Authorship on Google+?

Through its social network, Google+, Google is providing an opportunity to original and prolific content promoters on the
Internet, including healthcare professionals, to add … Read More

How you can make Google+ Local to work for your Veterinary Practice

November 21st, 2013 | Vets and Pets

Google+ Local is a powerful marketing tool that combines both local search results and customer reviews into a single platform. It is also a great way of increasing Local Search Visibility for your veterinary practice. However, a majority of veterinary practices still haven’t started using Google+ Local. Google is keen on offering searchers the most relevant and useful results to their queries and this is where Google+ Local comes in.

Anytime Google identifies a search with a local intent, it includes relevant Google+ Local pages in the search results. You can find these results usually at or near the top … Read More

Has Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm affected your Medical Website Rankings?

November 20th, 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

The average number of daily searches conducted on Google in 2012 was 5.13 billion. That itself should explain why it causes worldwide ripples when Google officially announces that it has tinkered with its search algorithm yet again.

What is a Search Engine Algorithm?

A search engine such as Google or Bing must sort through billions of web pages when a user searches online for a keyword or key phrase sitting anywhere in the world. The search engine uses a complex algorithmic formula to come up with the closest possible search results in the shortest amount of time to satisfy the … Read More

Are you an Enterprising Veterinarian?

November 20th, 2013 | Vets and Pets

Entrepreneurship is a life culture today – not only does it feed the constant hunger for innovation but also provides a sharp definition to brand value. Being a veterinarian can never go out of style; however, as with any occupation and profession, innovation is essential and mere reliance on past laurels is the quickest way to stem growth. There is an urgent need for veterinary practices to adopt the “entrepreneurial” approach in running their practices.


As a veterinarian, you have greater insight into the various aspects of your profession. If there are changes that need to be made within … Read More

Use Google Analytics to Monitor your Medical Website Re-launch

November 7th, 2013 | Online Marketing and Management

The indexed World Wide Web consists of at least 3.57 billion web pages that are increasing by the minute. However, not all websites survive and thrive indefinitely, and some may require a re-design and re-launch. Re-design and re-launch can be an exciting project for a medical or dental practice that is hoping to take on the competition with a renewed online marketing strategy.

The process involves revamping the original website to its core, building new content with a clear, focused message, and providing a completely new feel and look. Behind the new face of the website, the new website structure … Read More

The Growing Importance of Bing for Medical Practices

November 7th, 2013 | Search Engine Optimization

As per recent comScore figures, Bing’s share in the U.S. online search market has risen to 17.4 percent, which is 13 percent higher than what it was a year ago. While Google continues to remain the dominant search engine by far, but Bing’s slow but steady growth has made it a significant player in online search. If your medical or dental website has already achieved good search rankings on Google, it makes sense to divert some of your focus towards Bing and make a mark there as well.

Backed by Microsoft

Microsoft, the owner of Bing, is a powerful competitor, … Read More

How to Engage with Pet Owners on your Veterinary Facebook Page

November 7th, 2013 | Vets and Pets

Engaging with pet parents over social platforms is critical to building a social media following. Facebook currently has 1.26 billion users and generates 4.5 billion “likes” (or interactions) each day. As the largest social platform, Facebook offers veterinary practices with a huge potential for connecting and engaging with pet parents who can become potential clients.

Running a veterinary Facebook page strategically is not an easy task for most veterinarians. However, here are 3 easy ways to improving your social traffic on your veterinary practice Facebook page.

Create compelling Facebook posts  

Facebook allows you to preface each shared link with a … Read More

Building Author Rank for your Veterinary Practice

November 7th, 2013 | Vets and Pets

Blogging is a great tool for building a repository of relevant content and information. It is also an excellent way of improving online visibility for your veterinary practice. “Author Rank” can boost your veterinary blogging and help in establishing your veterinary practice as a credible voice of authority. This is why “Author Rank” is important to your online marketing strategy.

What Is Author Rank?

Google continually focuses on delivering the best possible user experience for anyone searching the Internet for relevant information. This is where “Author Rank,” comes in – Google indexes every bit of generated content and “Author Rank” … Read More

Should your Healthcare Practice Have a Presence on Instagram?

October 30th, 2013 | Social Media Networking

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 as it realized the growing influence of this photo-sharing social network. A ComScore study in August 2012 revealed that Instagram received 7.3 million visitors a day across mobile phones in the U.S. during August, compared to 6.9 million visitors on Twitter. Visitors also spent a lot more time on Instagram than they spent on Twitter.

Instagram is a social community designed to enable users share their images and videos with the world. From a medical or dental professional’s perspective, it can be a great idea to post some original, unique and informative images and videos … Read More

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