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Don’t Subject your Dental Practice to these 5 Big Twitter Faux Pas

July 17th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Twitter can be a fun place. However, an increasing number of brands are finding this micro-blogging site to be a great platform for engaging with their customers. Dental practices can use Twitter to drive patient engagement, give their practice brand greater visibility, and for building reputation as a credible source of industry information.

5 Ways your Twitter Influence can go wrong

Twitter is a massive social platform with a very large active audience. You need to keep in mind that any content you post is not only going to viewed by potential patients, your competitors, and other industry experts, but … Read More

Video SEO for Medical Practices – Part 1

July 17th, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization

Hundred hours of video footage gets uploaded on YouTube every minute. If you like keeping yourself updated on the latest on online marketing, chances are you probably already knew this bit of information. Now the million dollar question for medical practices using videos in their marketing campaign really is “how to make your video stand out among the sea of visual content which gets uploaded each minute?”

Even with a killer script and fantastic visual/graphical elements, getting your videos to rank high can prove to be difficult. This is where video SEO comes in; although it helps to keep in … Read More

5 Social-Media Blunders Your Veterinary Practice can do Without

July 16th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

True, we learn from our mistakes. But only a fool commits the same mistake twice. Then again, the more optimistic lot prefer going with “There are no mistakes, only lessons.” Before you start wondering, no we are not going moral and ethics on you. However, the center of focus most definitely is on mistakes – specifically, social media mistakes.

Social takes time and effort and yes getting used to as well; so a few veterinary social marketing snafus and flubs aside, there are lessons to be learnt and opportunities to explore. Here are 5 social media blunders that veterinary practices … Read More

How to Win more Social Fans for your Dental Practice?

June 30th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Social platforms offer fantastic potential for gaining online exposure, connecting with potential patients, and converting visitors into fans. If you are looking at increasing your social fan following for your dental practice, give the following 5 steps a go.

Post on a Consistent Basis

If you want to build your social fan following, then posting on a consistent basis is essential. Today’s audience has far too many options and they will not hesitate to jump ship if they are not getting what they want. This is why you need to ensure that you follow a consistent posting pattern for your … Read More

What is your Content Marketing Format?

June 30th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

Creating well thought-out content which connects you with your target audience and leads to organic sharing and new clients is the best thing that can happen to your veterinary practice content marketing strategy. However, to achieve this goal you need to first start by identifying the kind of content which will win the best response form your target audience. While a creative YouTube video might work great with a younger audience, your older audience might prefer reading about a topic. Bottom-line, no one particular content format works for all audience groups. Here are 4 content formats which can prove to … Read More

How Sharable is your Google+ Content?

June 30th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

After laboring for hours over creating an excellent blog article or visual item, you obviously want to quickly share it with your Google+ audience. It definitely helps that most people on Google+ happen to share similar passions and interests. So while it does become easier to share content which is specific to your veterinary practice with likeminded leaders within your industry or circle, it is a whole different ball game if you decide to expand beyond your established niche.

Creating Awesome Content for your Google+ Audience

Anyone who is active over social wants to create the perfect social media post; … Read More

How to Get Bloggers Talking about your Medical Practice?

June 26th, 2014 | Online Marketing and Management

Patients typically have more faith in doctors who receive positive reviews, endorsements and get talked about favorably by other people online – in short they are looking for medical practices with a robust online reputation. One of the Nielson surveys showed that nine out of 10 consumers trust recommendations from other consumers, while only about five in 10 consumers trust content that a marketer creates and posts about their own brand online.

For a medical practice, forging partnerships with local bloggers can be an innovative and highly effective way to promote the practice indirectly online and reach out to … Read More

Grow your Medical YouTube Video Viewership Using Twitter

June 26th, 2014 | Online Marketing and Management

Twitter and Facebook are two of the earliest and highly dominant social media tools to promote your medical practice videos online. Twitter enables you to communicate directly with your followers through brief and crisp messages on a regular basis. When you tweet about your medical practice YouTube videos, make sure that you include strategic keyword hashtags in your messages. This will allow other Twitter users who may not be your followers to still check out your tweets via a keyword search.

Whenever you have created a new video related to your medical practice and posted it on YouTube, you can … Read More

Optimizing your Dental Website Content in the New Hummingbird Context

June 26th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm has opened up new opportunities for dental website developers and marketers to promote their content and achieve higher search rankings. However, this can be done only when they repurpose their marketing strategies in positive and creative ways to take full advantage of the new search algorithmic structure and changes that Google has introduced.

To begin with, to put the dental website on the radar of Google Hummingbird, the website developers, managers and marketers must start utilizing as many of the Google services that are on offer as possible. Most of these services are available free of … Read More

How to Promote your Online Dental Videos via Facebook?

June 26th, 2014 | Internet Marketing for Dentists

It is possible to promote the online videos that you may have created for your dental practice through Facebook. This can provide substantial exposure to your practice, considering the fact that Facebook commands an active membership of over a billion users around the world, and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Once you have created a new online video for your dental practice and posted it on YouTube for public viewing, you can embed the video directly on your Facebook account and include the video links in your status updates on Facebook. You can even post stills from … Read More

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