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4 Ways to Increase Google Ranking for your Veterinary Practice Website

July 4th, 2013 | Vets and Pets

A high website ranking is one of the most important tenets of online marketing. What it means is simply this – does you veterinary practice website show up among the top results in a local search over the net.

How is ranking high in a Google search relevant to Veterinarians?

In wake of the Internet revolution, an increasing number of pet owners today look for everything from a veterinary clinic, to pet trends, pet health care among other things over the Internet. And unless your veterinary practice website ranks high in a local search, chances are they will never get … Read More

3 Easy Ways You Can Market Your Veterinary Practice

May 21st, 2013 | Vets and Pets

The complexities of marketing a veterinary practice are varied and far different from regular businesses and even other medical practices. The decision maker here is the pet owner who often goes through a long drawn out process of finding the best veterinarian for his or her beloved pet. Everything from conducting comprehensive online searches for the purpose of gathering information about the reliability of a veterinarian practice to asking friends for recommendations, and even stopping for a pre-appointment visit is considered fair practice. Let us face it; pet owners are not going to come to you simply because they see … Read More

Draw Potential Clients to your Veterinary Practice with Online Videos

May 21st, 2013 | Vets and Pets

If the Internet is an ocean of information, then search engines are the virtual bridges which connect people to their desired information destination. Pet owners are more likely to search for veterinary practices online than they are to doing an actually physical search even within their own local neighborhoods. A search over the Internet for a veterinary practice is as simple as going to a search engine and typing in – veterinarian and name of the town they are located in.

A search such as this however, can pull up results for a large number of veterinary practice websites. So … Read More

Why You Need To Market Your Veterinary Practice

May 21st, 2013 | Vets and Pets

A typical day in the life of a veterinarian can swing between spending endless hours in the consulting room, and taking care of routine checkups, vaccinations, and skin problems. It can have happy moments with successful medical treatments and procedures on one hand and heart breaking emergencies when a beloved pet is bought in having suffered grievous injuries from fights or accidents on the other. Through it all, one fact stands out absolutely clear – the life of a veterinarian can be hard and an emotional roller-coaster at the best of times; but it also is one of the most … Read More

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