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Video SEO for Medical Practices – Part 1

July 17th, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization

Hundred hours of video footage gets uploaded on YouTube every minute. If you like keeping yourself updated on the latest on online marketing, chances are you probably already knew this bit of information. Now the million dollar question for medical practices using videos in their marketing campaign really is “how to make your video stand out among the sea of visual content which gets uploaded each minute?”

Even with a killer script and fantastic visual/graphical elements, getting your videos to rank high can prove to be difficult. This is where video SEO comes in; although it helps to keep in mind that Google owns YouTube and so ranking factors, algorithm updates, and search “relevance” come into play whether you like it or not.

Video SEO Best Practices – Things to keep in Mind

In this two part series, we look at tips and best practices on video SEO for medical healthcare practices. So without wasting any more time, let us dive right in.

Keyword research Matters

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. So a phenomenal amount of searches are carried out over this platform each second. If you want your medical practice video to rank well, start using Google Trends which features YouTube search data dating back to 2008. Using this tool identify keywords which work best on YouTube and incorporate them. Now if we are talking about keywords, then content metadata cannot be far behind.

Optimize your Video Content Metadata

In order to index your video, YouTube uses metadata. So you need to ensure that your video’s title, description, and tags – metadata is optimized. Keep in mind that while your medical practice video title has a limit of up to 100 characters, when it comes to your video description you have up to 5,000 characters at your disposal. Again, your video tags have a limit of up to 120 characters and watch your video views perk up. You might want to update the metadata of your older videos as well regardless of how long the video has been on air.

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Start using YouTube Analytics

If you want information on which search terms viewers are using to find your video,  the Traffic Sources Report is just the tool while the Views Report lets you know which videos have the best view times and highest view-through rates. If you want data on viewer engagement then the Audience Retention Report can provide you with data on videos which earned the highest viewership.

Video Captions Deliver

When you use captions for your videos you are effectively improving the accessibility potential of your medical video. In addition to exposing your video to a wider audience, video captions serve as additional metadata which means your video will start showing up in more places.

Don’t Stop with YouTube

Sites such as Vimeo have definitely fueled the video SEO war. While YouTube has the coveted title of being the second largest search engine, this does not mean that it is the be all and end all of online video platforms. So yes, exploring other online video platforms is a given in present times. And while you are at it, you might want to invest some time and effort on expanding your video exposure to mobile video apps such as Vine. The world is going increasingly “smart” and your medical marketing campaign can definitely do with marketing leverage that mobile provides.

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