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What is your Content Marketing Format?

June 30th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

Creating well thought-out content which connects you with your target audience and leads to organic sharing and new clients is the best thing that can happen to your veterinary practice content marketing strategy. However, to achieve this goal you need to first start by identifying the kind of content which will win the best response form your target audience. While a creative YouTube video might work great with a younger audience, your older audience might prefer reading about a topic. Bottom-line, no one particular content format works for all audience groups. Here are 4 content formats which can prove to be highly effective in connecting you with your target audience and subsequently leading to a much deserved veterinary marketing boost.

Case studies

One of the best ways of educating and informing your target audience on how and why your veterinary practice can address their pet problems best is by using a case study. A well-crafted case study will help you attract your audience attention while also allowing you to win the attention of the press. In addition, you can expect to benefit from new traffic and links from credible websites.

Articles and Blogs

Articles and blog posts are one of the most effective ways of educating your audience on various topics of their interest. You can also use these to showcase your expertise and establish your thought leadership in your area of specialization. They key is to keep your articles and blog posts fresh, updated, and relevant to the needs of your audience at all times.


A great and unique way to collecting audience attention is via podcasts. Start by creating an informational resource; next, record it and provide a digital audio download of the recording to your audience. The advantage with podcasts is that they come with a convenience factor; your audience can download the podcast to a device such as an iPod and listen to it anyplace or anytime as per their convenience.


Have you joined the “video craze” bandwagon yet? If not, you are missing out on of the most effective ways to deliver your message to your target audience. Videos offer a fun and unique way of reaching out and connecting with your audience. In addition to the fact that video messages are easier to absorb and tend to get shared easily, they can prove to be perfect vessels for creating a social buzz for your veterinary practice brand.


If you are looking to offer your target audience interesting facts and statistics coupled with a visually-appealing design, then veterinary infographics are the way to do it.  You probably already know that infographics are popular with the social crowd, so why not use it to reach out to your clients. Veterinary practices can also use infographics as effective link bait. Get in touch with leading online publications and if they show a positive response, go ahead and send them a link of your infographic which they can publish on their website.

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