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Naren Arulrajah, Ekwa Founder and CEO, visited an ADMC conference to share Ekwa's business principles and the lessons he learned while building the company. Take a few minutes to listen to Naren 'rock the crowd' and catch a glimpse of the relationship we share with our doctor clients!

At Ekwa Marketing, we maintain a two part philosophy based on service and excellence. We strive, each and every day, to live up to these great words by interpersonal genius Dale Carnegie:

"The world is full of people who are grabbing and self-seeking. So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage. He has little competition."

As a result, we are totally dedicated to service. We never tire in our endeavor to build a company of rare individuals who unselfishly serve our clients, and each other, with an unselfish spirit.

Every member of the Ekwa Marketing family is dedicated to excellence in their area. Team leaders push the envelope in order to grow their team, and expand their team's knowledge. Our goal is never to achieve goals, but rather to exceed them.

Ekwa Marketing teams seek excellence both internally, as a company, and externally, for our clients. We aim to be the best in all areas of our business including, work-at-home, SEO and Internet Marketing, user friendly, well designed software and websites, and value to our doctor clients.

Every Ekwa Marketing team member, from leadership to behind-the-scene support staff, works together to serve clients, assist each other, and attain professional excellence.


At Ekwa Marketing we strive to transform the lives of our doctor clients as well as our dedicated team members. We transform the lives of our clients by helping each doctor with whom we partner dominate their local area in terms of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We succeed by focusing on innovation, taking no short cuts, and building teams of experts who dedicate a significant number of hours each month for each of our doctor clients.

We have an established set of core values, set and agreed upon, by our company's leadership team. These values, along with our ongoing commitment to innovation, continual growth, and development, are the foundation by which we transform the lives of our team members. We hire people who share our values, and provide them with a home-based, working environment where they are free to grow and prosper in accordance with our values.
Ekwa Marketing core values:

  • Stick-to-it-ness in both passion and dedication.
  • Expressed desire to learn, improve and grow as individuals and team contributors.
  • A daily commitment to embrace and drive change.
  • Dedication to Service. Service to our clients, and to our fellow team members.
  • Willingness to do the right thing, and speak the truth even when it is unpleasant.
  • Respect and support for each other. Being a strong partner in an inter-dependent environment.
  • Taking 100% ownership, caring about the "why" as well as the "how" of every task. Never settling to merely do. Always striving to accomplish a task better than the time before.
  • Commitment to standard ways of doing things, and to continually improving those standards.
  • Offering every Ekwa Marketing staff member the opportunity to do what they love.


To help 1,000 doctors dominate their respective markets through Internet and search engine marketing by 2015. We are committed to being, by far, the best Internet marketing firm for doctors anywhere in the world. At the same time, our aim is to transform the lives of more than half of our staff members, in a positive way, by inspiring, supporting and sharing through our core principles and values. We are committed to being the best work-at-home company available to the countries from which we employ our staff.

Ekwa’s Thought Leadership

Digital Marketing for Doctors

When publications for doctors want to update them on digital marketing, they call for Ekwa’s expertise!
An expert to the experts, Ekwa’s marketing specialists have authored and published:
  • 20+
  • 10+
    Research Reports and Case Studies
  • 500+
  • 15+
    Premier Industry Magazines and Journals

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