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This patient-friendly app is designed to is an effective tool for educating patients about the relationship of their mouth to the rest of the body. Unlike other Meridian Tooth Charts this Meridian Tooth Chart is mobile compatible.

The chart may be used in one of two ways. Many people choose to select a tooth by its number. When you click on a tooth, its corresponding body parts will be displayed in detail, including organs, muscles, and more.

We love the Meridian Tooth Chart! Thank you for creating it and offering it to our practice.
We are excited to offer it on our website.
~ Ally

You did a great job designing the Meridian Tooth Chart.
I love it! Let's add it to the website.
~ Dr. John

My patients will love this! I think it's a great idea to add it to my website.
~ Dr. Cheryl Billingsley

Love the new Meridian Tooth Chart! I recently had a conversation with an acupuncturist about this very topic.
Can't wait to have it on my website!
~ Dr. John L. Aurelia

This Meridian Tooth Chart is right up my alley! It looks great!
Let's add it to my website.
~ Dr. Johathan Golab

I would love to add the Meridian Tooth Chart app on our website.
Thanks for creating it and offering it to my practice.
~ Dr. Fritz

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Dental Tooth Chart West Palm Beach - Human Body

A brief description of the Meridian Tooth Chart

The Meridian Tooth Chart is based on acupuncture meridians, pathways of energy that span across interrelated body parts, glands, and tissues. Each tooth is associated with a particular meridian, through which energy flows. Dentists familiar with the Meridian Tooth Chart are often able to assess patients' general state of health and wellness simply through a review of the oral environment. If a weakness in a particular system or organ exists, the condition of the tooth associated with that area could exacerbate the problem.
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