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Meet Naren Arulrajah

Founder and CEO, Ekwa Marketing

Naren Arulrajah - Founder and CEO, Ekwa Marketing
"I consider myself an “Imagineer” on a mission to deliver out-of-the-box digital marketing solutions for doctors, which others are not even contemplating."
Naren Arulrajah
Naren Arulrajah is a well-known medical marketing entrepreneur, an accomplished author, speaker and consultant, and the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing. Naren hosts a popular Podcast show for practitioners and professionals in the dental industry.

Naren has established the Ekwa Growth Club and the Ekwa Institute to help doctors in the US and worldwide achieve their goals through digital innovation.
In recognition of his industry innovation and leadership, Naren was conferred the “2014 Leadership Initiative Award” by AceTech Ontario, a pre-eminent nonprofit promoting global technology entrepreneurs.

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Ekwa Marketing CEO, Naren Arulrajah,
travels all over the country to meet and speak with high profile doctors and medical and dental association members and leaders.
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Podcast Shows - Hosted by Naren Arulrajah

  • Growing Dentist
  • Growing Dermatologist
  • Growing Plastic Surgeon
  • Growing Vet

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