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Retirement Plan
June, 2024 Retirement Plan
Revenue Source
May, 2024 Revenue Source
Associate to Owner
April, 2024 Associate to Owner
Team Conflicts
March, 2024 Team Conflicts
Marketing Budget
February, 2024 Marketing Budget
AI Awareness
February, 2024 AI Awareness
Technology Trends
January, 2024 Technology Trends
Practice Procedures
January, 2024 Practice Procedures
Practice Revenue
January, 2024 Practice Revenue
Office Design
June, 2023 Office Design
Exit Interviews
May, 2023 Exit Interviews
Top Challenges
March, 2023 Top Challenges
Lab Choices
February, 2023 Lab Choices
External Lab
February, 2023 External Lab
The Future of CE
February, 2023 The Future of CE
How Many CE Hours?
January, 2023 How Many CE Hours?
Retirement Strategy
September, 2022 Retirement Strategy
Information Sources
September, 2022 Information Sources
Equipment Purchase Plans
September, 2022 Equipment Purchase Plans
Active Patients
April, 2022 Active Patients
Retaining Staff
April, 2022 Retaining Staff
Staff That Left
March, 2022 Staff That Left
Staff Let Go
March, 2022 Staff Let Go
Staff Hired
March, 2022 Staff Hired
Taking Action
February, 2022 Taking Action
Revenue Expectations
January, 2022 Revenue Expectations
To Retire or Not
August, 2021 To Retire or Not
CE and Events
August, 2021 CE and Events
Most Trusted Source
August, 2021 Most Trusted Source
Were you prepared?
August, 2021 Were you prepared?
CE Course Wish List
December, 2018 CE Course Wish List
We've Made Contact
February, 2019 We've Made Contact
Admin Matters
February, 2019 Admin Matters
Patients at a Glance
February, 2019 Patients at a Glance
Keep it Clean
April, 2019 Keep it Clean
Call Me, Maybe
June, 2019 Call Me, Maybe
Have You Heard?
July, 2019 Have You Heard?
When Do They accept?
August, 2019 When Do They accept?
We'll be In Touch
August, 2019 We'll be In Touch
When Being Referred
September, 2019 When Being Referred
They're Covered
September, 2019 They're Covered
Building trust
February, 2020 Building trust
Patient Break Down
February, 2020 Patient Break Down
First impressions
March, 2020 First impressions
Reviews Matter
March, 2020 Reviews Matter
Show off your tech
April, 2020 Show off your tech
The Follow-Up
June, 2020 The Follow-Up
Overall COVID Impact
January, 2021 Overall COVID Impact
New Skills!
February, 2021 New Skills!
February, 2021 Preparations
IPAC Requirements
July, 2021 IPAC Requirements
Referral Patterns
July, 2021 Referral Patterns
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