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Social Media

Social Media

Profile Management

The team creates (if required), optimizes, manages, and monitors your relevant social media pages and accounts. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Post Creation

Once all profiles are set up, our social media team will design a wide range of posts monthly. The content will be to educate and create awareness on a given topic. There will also be a segment on special days and events.

From this extensive collection of banners, you can choose and approve the banners that you would like posted on your profiles. The team will then schedule and post them. Should you have special instructions on dates and profiles these need to be posted on, you will need to keep our team updated on this. Postings are done to meet the sole objective of creating and driving engagement on your profiles.

There will be instances when the team will need your input to help them add a personal touch to these banners. We would need pictures of happy moments or special days at your practice with staff or patients. As you are aware, personalized posts resonate well across any audience, it creates a link that helps connect your practice with your fans and creates a spontaneous response. This works well to get your social media moving when it becomes stagnant.

Social Proof

Social proof is one of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion. What makes social proof a powerful concept is people need validation. They obtain that from the actions and guidance of others.

At Ekwa Marketing we incorporate this principle into our social media strategy. We use the positive reviews posted on reputable online review sites and create banners and videos to attractively showcase them. We then post them on your social media profiles. This gives your audience the confirmation they are looking for in your skills and expertise and the needed endorsements from others.

Digital Signboards

Digital Signs is another unique type of content that we offer as part of Ekwa Marketing’s social media strategy. In our extensive library of signboards, you will find signboards for all major procedures and occasions.

A few examples of these are
  • I just had my first teeth cleaning
  • Patient of the day
  • I love my Dermatologist/ dentist etc.
  • It’s my birthday
We also have signs that focus on your office staff.

These signs can be uploaded to an iPad or printed in-house based on the need. It is a fun way to engage your patients with your staff.

The process is simple, all you need to do is take photos of your patients holding the signboard that best suits the occasion, their mood, or the actual treatment itself. The photograph is then posted to your social media profiles. These types of posts, which are personal in nature help generate more engagement.

Flyers & Videos

In addition to the regular posts that we create, the team also goes a step further and, at your request, will create welcome videos, office tours, flyers, brochures that you can get printed or posted not only on social media but also on your website. This will go a long way to help convert traffic to the site into actual leads.

  1. The creation of flyers, brochures and videos will depend on your monthly work hour package.
  2. (Ekwa is not responsible for printing)

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