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Web Master & Site Optimization Team

Web Master & Site Optimization Team

Site Creation

The Webmaster team takes your custom website design created by the Web UI Design team and builds each page to this format and layout and constructs your site from the ground up using proprietary techniques custom built WordPress plugins to ensure that when your website goes live, it will give you all the power you need to rank high on Google searches.

We revamp or give your website a facelift with a new design once every 18 -24 months, the webmaster team will be responsible for this task.

Web Edits

The team will work on and add all improvements to the website that include designing, adding an image banner, editing content or creating an interactive video gallery. The team has also developed an entire suite of website effects that are applied to the existing design as a skin or pre-loader animation that gives a website the added wow-factor.

Site Optimization, Standards Adherence & Innovation

Once your website is published live, the webmasters move on to the next important task of adjusting the website based on the metrics that Google routinely reports on Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Google grades a website’s performance based on real-world data. These metrics are routinely reported on Google Search Console and Google Analytics and include but are not limited to the following.

Crawler Errors – Ensuring your entire website is crawlable and indexable by Google and other search engines

Mobile Usability - Fixing any usability issues that is reported on the mobile version of your website

Site Load Speed - Ensuring your website loads as fast as it possibly can, as Google loves fast loading websites

Structured Data - Structured data can make your website come up in search result pages which helps gain more clicks, it also helps your website pop up as a direct answer to certain search queries.

Google Lighthouse Standards - Google lighthouse standards focus on evaluating your website based on its accessibility, usability, SEO effectiveness, and overall performance. As these standards are fluid the team consistently monitors them and makes the required changes - Coding.

WordPress & other Web-related Standards - Technology keeps changing and because of that, coding standards and plugins also evolve and change. The team always works toward staying ahead by making practical changes as and when required.

The webmasters are the point team that updates your website to comply with any Google Algorithm changes that need to be updated. An example is Google's EAT standards.

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