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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Research, Proposal Creation, Setup and then consistent monitoring

Ekwa ads focus on targeting two types of users and uses two platforms to generate the best possible ROI for the ad dollar spent. Hence, we don't concentrate our efforts on displaying ads, retargeting or using smaller ad platforms.

The two types of users Ekwa targets with its ad campaigns are
  • A user who wants the service/product right away (applicable through Google Adwords only)
  • The user who knows you (applicable for promotions, offers, etc. via Facebook only)
The user who wants something right away - These are the users who are actively searching for a service/product. An example: I am looking for a dentist near me, I go to my favorite browser and I Google it. Now that may be simple enough, but ads much like SEO have an algorithm that looks at the target keyword, the landing page, the content of the ad, the bid amount, the competition, etc. and determines a quality score/ relevancy. The team looks at real data and optimizes the ad accordingly to get you the best possible hit for the ad dollar spent.

The user who knows you - The user who knows you is either an existing patient/client or is following you on social media (Facebook). These existing patient/client bases if approached with the right campaign could be advantageous to the point it generates new patients. Example: A Facebook campaign targeting your existing follower base encouraging them to refer a friend and get a special offer of $xxx off on your next visit. Stretching it even further a campaign targeting the friends of your fans can also generate some interest as the friend of the fan can see that their friend trusts your practice. This is another reason why Facebook is a preferred platform to run ad campaigns after Google as it offers a wide range of targeting options.

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