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Video 360

Video 360

Creation of Videos

The Video 360 Team’s focus is on creating educational videos that can be embedded on your website on the relevant service page. These videos help convert more of your website traffic into potential new leads. Creating such videos may seem a daunting and time-consuming task. But we have designed a streamlined process that only needs an hour of your time to speak about the services, procedures that matter the most to your practice. You can explain a service or procedure, answer FAQs related to it, dismiss myths, its benefits to the user, highlight your expertise and skill are some of the topics that can be discussed and recorded (voice).

Your voice recording would then be broken up into smaller bits and converted to videos and published monthly or bimonthly depending on how much content we can extract from the recording. This is a powerful tool and we highly recommend it.

Optimizing of the VIdeo

The video is published on your website and hosted on the Video 360's YouTube channel (launched in late 2019). The team focuses its efforts to optimize each video every month, so it ranks outside your website, creating another avenue for users to find you.

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