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24/7 Chat Bot

24/7 Chat Bot

Setting up your Chatbot

At Ekwa, we understand that most clients and their teams are busy, so the live chat option is not practical in such cases, specifically due to the reasons listed below, which is why we don't encourage it.
  • A patient may get stuck in the chat queue and the longer they wait the greater the chances are for them to get frustrated and go elsewhere. Thus, losing the lead entirely.
  • Not being able to connect with an agent where agents are not available and having to fill in a form when original intention was to speak to someone live despite the hour or day.
Based on these findings, Ekwa has built an in-house chatbot. It is a simple application with a streamlined approach in getting the job done by converting visitors to the website into leads by addressing common inquiries and capturing key contact detail for effective follow up by your team. The Ekwa chatbot addresses these inquiries through the following options
  • Requests for Appointments,
  • Leave a Question, Leave a Message
  • Request a Callback.
Some of these questions and responses can be customized for your practice.

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