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Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics

Setting up, managing and monitoring of call tracking accounts, tracking numbers, call alerts, notifications reports and other features such as the SMS feature offered by the team.

Call Tracking is about providing insights into missed opportunities, understanding caller trends and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, etc.

To set up Call Tracking, first we pick a number similar to your existing office number and route calls to this from your existing number. Then we place the Call Tracking Number on your website and with labeling encourage new patients/clients to call that number. Your existing number will also be placed on the website and the wording would encourage your existing patients/clients to call that number.

To maintain NAP consistency, all online profiles and listings will be updated to show the Call Tracking number. Then through real-time reporting and alerts, you can monitor/be alerted to the busiest day/s, times and when you get the most missed calls, etc. These statistics can be generated weekly or monthly.

To be honest, unless someone is tracking, no one knows how many calls come in or how many calls are missed or dropped. With Call tracking, you have a good indication of how well our marketing efforts are doing month after month. Separate Call Tracking numbers can be allocated to track the effectiveness of your offline marketing activities (radio, print ads, etc.) and can even be used in online ads (Google ads and ad landing pages are typically hidden from search engines hence it does not affect NAP)

We also provide additional features such as SMS text messaging through your mobile website.

Detailed Call Analysis Report

The team with your written permission would listen to a set number of calls and analyze each call to determine the following:
  • New vs. existing patient/client count
  • Why potential leads are not converting to actual patients/clients
  • Depending on your monthly hours package, we can generate a Detailed Call Analysis Report every quarter, every other quarter, or annually

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