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Website Marketing and Supported SEO Services

Website Marketing and Supported SEO Services

Online Website Marketing Team

The Online Website Marketing Team runs on a bi-annual (6-7 month) cycle. Each month in this cycle the team is focused on implementing the tasks listed below
  • Creating a marketing plan for your website (this requires your website to be live for at least 2 months, so the team has enough data to create a marketing plan). The marketing plan focuses on specific areas outside of the routine daily, weekly and monthly tasks that Ekwa does to grow your practice.
  • Competitors analysis - The team looks at your main competitors and researches to see what we can learn from them. Any practical ideas, features, etc. will be documented, improved upon, and then customized before sending it to you for approval and then implemented.
  • SEO and Duplicate content check - Even though we write original content which we check through a tool called Copyscape Google may and has in the past at times misidentified the site which first published the original content. As such the team does a content check through Copyscape and identifies any page/s which may be copied or scraped by other sites, bots, spammers, etc. and rewrites content where needed. In the same review, the team also checks the SEO tags for any inefficiencies and adjusts them accordingly.
  • Research on Google, Bing and other search algorithm related changes - The team will monitor all search algorithm related changes and find how it will affect your website and propose updates and changes needed to the relevant teams for implementation. At times we may choose a wait and see plan since Google occasionally makes vague and unclear changes or updates. So we delay the changes until the Search Engine Journals, or SEO Mozs of the world collate user data and publish research papers regarding the effect and how to best to adjust to the changes this way we have a more focused approach when it comes to dealing with search-related changes and updates.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the marketing plan - based on the marketing plan the team will review the stats (impressions, organic traffic, rankings, ROI, etc.) and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the marketing plan and adjust it accordingly.

External Backlinks Team

Backlinks have always been a cornerstone of SEO. However, the impact of it has diminished throughout the years as Google and online marketing in general looks at a wider range of signals instead of just a few when determining which websites perform well online. Though its importance has reduced, backlinks are still a key area that Google monitors closely. We know this because Google Search Console was recently revamped and while it removed some features that Google thought was not useful or relevant, the section dedicated to backlines was not changed. So, its relevance still stands.

The team strives for quality instead of quantity, which is why we focus on identifying sites that allow a backlink to be submitted to it only if it passes several criteria (https status, pages indexed in Google, relevancy, Lighthouse evaluation, etc.). Getting 2-3 backlinks per page is a definite win for your website’s growth.

The team also routinely checks for bad backlinks and removes them based on what Google reports to us. A site that was good today can be mismanaged, spammed or blacklisted and become bad tomorrow. So constant vigilance is a must.

Featured Article Team

The Featured Article team focuses on identifying which keywords your website needs new content. We identify keywords based on what users are typing on Google searches that bring up your website. This data is gathered from the Google Search Console. We look at the most frequently typed in search terms that bring up your site. If your website does have a similar keyword focused on, we go ahead and pick that keyword and assign it to the writing team to write an article focused on this keyword. The number of articles assigned can also fluctuate quarterly depending on the keywords, your existing stats, what users are searching for, etc. as we can’t pick too many similar keywords as it may be taken as keyword stuffing.

This team works on reducing the bounce rate and increasing the average time a user spends on your website, which helps convert more traffic into potential leads.

Reporting Team

The reporting team is a small team that focuses on creating insightful reports for you to review monthly. We have a wide selection of reports ranging from a general overview to identifying specific pages that perform better, how users are finding you and what they do on your website.

This team monitors the technical aspects of your website internally and flags any spikes or dips and informs the relevant team/s. However, it is noticed that all websites go through fluctuations especially during the holidays, so we exclude those instances before flagging a dip to the relevant teams for further investigation.

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