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Online Reputation

Online Reputation

Profile Management & Optimization

Every online reputation related profile whether it is Yelp, Google My Business (GMB), or any one of the dozens of other profiles need to be created (if not done already), optimized, claimed, and then verified. In most cases each online reputation profile requires the basic information that is adding descriptions or rewording the existing descriptions (as in some cases it can be very thin in terms of details or overstuffed with keywords), adding the correct practice-related information and maybe adding an image or two. Additionally, each profile has its specific guidelines on how it should be optimized. The team follows these guidelines to ensure that the profiles are optimized accurately this will be done within your marketing package hours. This guarantees that they rank in Google search results, which helps in the overall growth of your practice online.

Responding to Reviews

Each week the team will monitor your online presence by checking your online profiles that we monitor. They will look for new positive or negative reviews. They will respond promptly to these reviews.

In the case of a positive review, the team will post a response thanking the reviewer, this short note of appreciation goes a long way in building trust not only with the reviewer but anyone else reading it.

If a negative review comes up the team will flag it and inform you requesting a suitable response so that we can acknowledge it and take it offline and deal with it one on one, so that it doesn’t harm your online reputation.

In both types of responses, we aim never to mention any patient related information (applicable to medical practices only) as this helps avoid violating any HIPAA rules.

We will not apply this response strategy to medical professionals who are prohibited by State or Association laws from responding to or marketing for online reviews.


Ekwa has two in-house developed tools that help grow your online reputation.

The first is our GMR (Grow My Reviews) tool. This encourages patients to leave a review by text message or email on a pre-determined list of online review sites. The tool is user-friendly and takes just 5 to 10 minutes at the most to send out a request for a review, the program does the rest of the work. This ensures that your important review profiles are active with ongoing new reviews.

Studies show that people turn to review sites to gain a better understanding of a practice, so the more positive reviews you have, the better. These positive reviews encourage confidence in your practice and solidify your reputation as a leader in your field. Furthermore, online reviews play a big part in SEO, as reviews can influence where a practice comes up in search rankings.

Our second tool is GMT (Grow My Testimonials) – review diversity matters so this tool helps create online video reviews. The process is simple, all you must do is encourage a happy patient/client to call a pre-identified phone number that will record his/her experience at your office. We will then edit and convert the voice clip into an attention-grabbing video that can be posted on your website and social media profiles.

Medical professionals in States or Associations that prohibit the use of or asking for reviews may not be able to utilize these two tools.

Inhouse Online Reputation Sites

Ekwa has two in-house built Online Reputation sites, they are
  1. Doctors Choice Awards (for medical professionals)
  2. Fans Choice
Doctors Choice Awards (DCA) is a platform created for doctors to review other doctors (a peer review site). Now, you may think how can a patient find any relevance through DCA? Well think about it like this, seeing a review from a dentist or other medical professional going to another dentist (aka you) and posting a review about your service gives a strong message to patients who visit your DCA profile page.

The Fans Choice (FC) platform is primarily designed for practice and small business owners to connect with their enthusiastic and loyal patients. This is the key difference when comparing FC with other online reputation sites. Your FC fan page is a tool that can help convince other potential patients to choose you because of the opinions and comments of your fans. It also allows you to offer exclusive deals, special offers just for your fan base, as we all know the best people to reward are your loyal fans which can, in turn, refer their friends to you.

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