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Client Serviceing and Cordination

Client Servicing and Cordination

Chief Marketing Officer

Your designated Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) focuses on helping you understand what we do and why we do it and works with you to get the best out of our marketing. The CMO does this through a quarterly and, if required, monthly meeting to discuss our marketing plans, strategies, and give you an overall progress update of what we have done, convert some of the technical jargon into a format that helps you understand where you are, what we are doing and where you are meant to go so we can continuously grow your practice for the next quarter as well.

Chief Customer Officer

Your Chief Customer Officer works together with the client servicing team to make sure you are getting the best possible service and, if required, stepping in to help when things don't go according to plan.

Client Servicing (Site creation stage)

The Client Servicing (Site creation stage) team focuses on coordinating with you on behalf of the relevant internal teams (Webmaster, UI Web Designers, Writers, SEO Tag Creation, etc.) which are required to make sure we launch your website on time while meeting all relevant standards. The coordination may seem straightforward enough but juggling several different teams and work as one cohesive unit is challenging at the best of times and the team is more than capable of doing that.

Not forgetting you communicate with just one team making your experience in the site creation stage far less frustrating and simpler because at most you will have either 1-2 team-members only communicating with you and not 10 different team members.

Client Servicing (After site launch stage)

Similar to the Client Servicing (Site creation stage) team there is a separate team that focuses on coordinating with you and all of the other relevant teams to make sure we are all working together as a cohesive unit to give you the best possible website experience. The team focuses on your preferences, tries to eliminate errors or mistakes, communicates with you daily and will answer your questions and coordinate with the relevant team/s to implement task/s that you require within a workable time frame.

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