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Infographics are excellent educational features for use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even in your practice newsletter. The infographic grabs your client and visitor's attention and encourages engagement through social media activity.

Right click on the Infographic below and choose “save image as.” From there, choose a folder on your computer and save the infographic to your hard drive for future use. Don't forget where you save it! We recommend creating a folder just for social media material and resources to avoid complications later.

Ekwa is happy to offer this Fun, Free infographic program to our veterinary visitors!
Veterinary Infographics - Canine Obesity A Major Health Concern 2
Veterinary Infographics - Canine Obesity A Major Health Concern
Veterinary Infographics - Why Regular Vaccination is Important to Canine Health Care
Veterinary Infographics - 9 foods you should stop feeding your dog now
Veterinary Infographics - Fire safety guide for your pet
Veterinary Infographics - Pet Oral Health
Veterinary Infographics - Pet Travel Safety - Tips and Suggestions for a Safe and Happy Journey
Veterinary Infographics - Happy pet in summer
Veterinary Infographics - Hey, what's so weire about that?
Veterinary Infographics - 10 Dog Facts

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