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Nap & Local Citations

Nap & Local Citations

Identifying, Optimizing, Removing of Duplicates and Verifying Listings

Any existing editable online profile/listing that contains your practice information (Name, Address, Phone Number) can be considered as a NAP related profile. Based on research (we use 15 different search terms in Google to identify various profiles/ listings) we could end up identifying as many as 40 or even 100+ listings (these are profiles outside of Social Media and Online Reputation) and all of them need to be optimized, merged (if required), claimed and then verified. To do this the teams have to coordinate with the relevant site admins to have any changes made which can take several weeks to complete in some instances.

NAP consistency

NAP is all about maintaining the correct Name, Address and Phone number across any editable online profile/listing. As a part of the optimization process (mentioned above), we ensure the identified profiles match your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) exactly. Even a small typo, incorrect phone number or address which most practice owners consider as insignificant plays a huge role in ranking and NAP is always listed within the top 5-10 important ranking indicators that Google closely monitors.

The NAP consistency check is done by our team monthly because even though you may have a great consistency score now it may not last that way as certain sites or automated software can create a duplicate profile with inaccurate information.

Creation of local data aggregators

As a part of the NAP consistency check, when we find profiles that are already created by the Local Citation team, we will create specific profiles that are identified as Local Data Aggregators (LDAs). LDA’s are companies that gather data on local businesses and then sell or distribute that data out to a network of local search engines, third-party directories, mapping services, GPS services, and mobile apps. This can exponentially expand the reach of your citation listings/profiles as your practice information is now distributed across a wide range of services, platforms, etc.

Local Citations and NAP go hand in hand and help expand the reach of your website and also help it to rank in location-based search terms on Google.

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