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Medical IT takes another Leap with New Medical App

December 31st, 2012 | Latest Happenings in Healthcare

MDconnectME is an innovative medical communication app that is helping improve the doctor-patient connectivity and communication as well as connectivity with the patient’s family. This medical app enables doctors and their staff to reach out to a patient’s contact list immediately in any part of the world. The app is designed to be user-friendly so that doctors, patients and their families can use it with equal ease.

Healthcare and IT can come together in many ways to enhance the patient experience, and this application is just one of those ways. Many patients are anxious about letting their loved ones know about their condition, and how a medical procedure is progressing. MDconnectME helps reduce this stress for the patients and their loved ones, while making it convenient for the doctors and their staff to communicate with those concerned.

The app can make a surgeon’s time more productive, while offering a value-added experience to the patients at the same time. As patient satisfaction improves with this innovative communication solution, the doctor’s practice is bound to receive a boost over a period of time. Going the extra mile to provide a more wholesome patient experience is a sure way to enhance patient loyalty towards the medical practice.

Simple medical IT innovations such as MDconnectME also help improve the administrative operations at a doctor’s office. The nurses and medical assistants at the office can achieve better productivity due to reduced stress levels. Tracking down a patient’s contacts in an emergency can be a challenge, which gets simplified with this medical app. The exposure of the medical practice to breach of privacy and other liability issues also gets reduced.

Medical IT solutions such as MDconnectME are designed to improve the overall efficiency at a medical facility. All that the doctor needs to do to get started is to invite patients and then add on their contacts. Once the patient signs up to the service, the doctor or the assistant staff can communicate with the patient’s list of contacts as and when a situation arises.

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