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Mobile Phone and your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

March 20th, 2013 | Latest Happenings in Healthcare

As mobile phone technology and usage continues to grow by leaps and bounds, it is becoming important for doctors and dentists to include the mobile phone as a critical part of their healthcare marketing strategy. The trend of mobile searches is on the rise, and even in terms of plain messaging, the mobile phone manages to catch the attention of more people than what a conventional email is able to do.

With the increasing depth and range of ‘mobile conversions’ among consumers, Google in association with Nielsen, has gone ahead and conducted a study to better understand the true value of this mobile marketing phenomenon. Google and Nielsen performed an in-depth analysis of more than 6,000 mobile searches and what actions these searches led to. This analysis provided a clearer insight into how and to what extent mobile searches are driving sales conversions.

The study also included a controlled group of 426 people whose mobile phone interactions were closely monitored. The study released by Google and Nielsen in their “Mobile Search Moments” report came up with some startling findings. It said that 77 percent of all mobile searches occurred either at the workplace or at home. These are clearly the places where most people would access to a PC or a laptop computer.

In other words, the study reveals that the mobile phone may be rapidly replacing the computer as the preferred search tool. A very large percentage of people appear to be finding it more convenient to conduct a quick Internet search over the mobile phone, rather than reach out to a computer or even a tablet! These findings should serve as an eye-opener to dental and doctor SEO experts and other medical marketers. A healthcare marketing strategy must include mobile marketing as a critical component because the future trends appear to be increasingly inclined in its favor.

The Google-Nielsen study also revealed that more than 75 percent of mobile searches lead to additional action, such as a visit to a website, a phone call, a visit to a store, or a purchase. 45 percent of all mobile searches were made to help finalize a purchase decision. For doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals, this insightful information coming directly from Google should serve as a key to developing a focused mobile marketing strategy and integrating it with the overall Internet marketing plan.

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