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Online Video Marketing for Doctors

March 20th, 2013 | Latest Happenings in Healthcare

The online video market has proliferated extensively in recent years with several new avenues of exposure coming up. Internet users are increasingly inclined in favor of watching an effective video that presents information in a succinct manner compared to reading through reams of text to find something of immediate relevance to them.

Doctors and dentists can put online video marketing to very effective use, particularly considering the fact that their nature of work provides them with immense material to put on video. Potential patients are keen to know and understand how a particular medical or dental procedure is performed, and how it may affect their appearance. A video is an excellent way to present such information.

Even from the perspective of brand image building and promoting medical or dental services, online videos can usually make a greater impact compared to other means. However, to create a successful video, it is important to analyze the preferences of the target market and ensure that it is made available across the online spectrum for maximum viewership.

One of the key advantages with online video marketing for doctors is that if a video goes viral, it can generate an incredible amount of publicity for the practice. The traffic to the doctor’s website and the number of high value back links can shoot up all of a sudden with a video gone viral. It requires a creative idea and a unique presentation to come up with a video that people will love to share and spread around.

comScore, a world leader in web analytics and digital measurement has recently released a report saying that more than 83 percent of the Internet users in the United States view online videos, and the average duration of an online video is 5.6 minutes. More than 33 billion video content views occur in an average month. These are eye-popping figures that reveal how receptive the target audience of a doctor or a dentist may be to a unique and innovative online marketing video.

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