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Three Creative Ways to Add More Value to your Healthcare Practice Website

May 5th, 2014 | Online Marketing and Management

Your medical or dental practice website is a reflection of your practice brand. The quality and professionalism that your website exhibits will be the natural impression that a new site visitor will carry in their mind about your healthcare practice brand. However, apart from building a professionally effective healthcare practice website, you also need to add some extra value to it in order to grab the attention of the site visitors. Here are three innovative ways to achieve this goal.

Create an Innovative Video

Many site visitors will first click on the video rather than check out the textual content of your website. Invest your creative energies to come up with a unique and compelling video that holds excellent value for your medical or dental practice. Make sure that the video does not talk just about you and your practice, but keeps the audience as its focal point. The video must pay as much attention to the visuals as it does to voice content. Think out of the box to come up with something different rather than going for a typical, run of the mill welcome video.

Build an Eye-catching Infographic

An infographic has the capability to present a whole lot of information in a concise, sharp and interesting manner. Website visitors have very limited time, and you need to provide them top value in effective formats. Make sure that you build an infographic that uses visually appealing colors, designs and images. The more iconic your infographic turns out to be, the better will be your chances to grab the attention of your new visitors and draw them deeper into your website.

Develop a Unique Slideshow

Slideshows are not just great from an SEO point of view for your medical website, but they can also be the “wow factor” that your website needs. Choose a universally appealing topic for a slideshow and select the most compelling images that you can lay your hands on. Take care of the copyright issues, and give credits for the images where they are due.

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