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Google Plus Best Practices for Veterinary Marketing

March 27th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

Google plus is among the leading social platforms today. Excellent exposure in search engines is only one of the many reasons why veterinary practices need to building a presence on this quickly growing social platform. Let us look at it this way – Google is massive; it is the largest search engine platform across the globe so obviously a Google product is going to get preference. And as with all things Google, new features and benefits are a given. So if you haven’t already created a Google plus account, then now is the time to get started.

Google+ Best Practices that can help you rank higher with Google

As with all social sites, there are a few best practices with Google plus as well. Following these will help you rank higher with Google.

Complete Details about your Veterinary Practice

Completing your profile and providing essential details about your practice is the first step. Details such as

  • Name of your veterinary practice
  • Location
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Images/Videos
  • Link to the official website

You will also need to provide your complete and accurate address and the timings of your veterinary practice. Be sure to use a brief but interesting tagline which aptly sums up your veterinary practice and provides an insight into your areas of specialization. If you can, go ahead and add links to different sections of your website.

Add a Google+ badge and Google+ sharing buttons to your Veterinary Website

One of the best ways of establishing a Google publisher markup is by adding a Google Plus follow button. By adding Google+ share buttons to your veterinary blog you can effectively expand the reach of your content. And although the search engine giant’s crawling activities are restricted over leading social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Google immediately indexes any content which is shared on its social network.

Notifications are Important

Google+ provides notifications anytime something important happens. These could pertain to variety of things such as when someone tags you in their post, or if someone “likes” you or comments on your posts, or gives you a +1 on your post, among other things. You need to pay attention to these notifications and make sure you respond!

Join different Communities

If you are keen on increasing your interactions with your clients and peers then start joining different communities. Veterinary practices that are active across different “communities,” can easily build credibility for their services which in turn can help in consolidating their practice reputation. To join a community, select ‘Home‘ and then go ahead and click on ‘Communities‘ to find out a community which best suits your veterinary practice.

Create a Google plus local page for your Veterinary Practice

Local listing are very important and a Google plus local page is vital to  veterinary practice marketing as it provides great opportunity for further expanding your online presence. Your Google plus local page can help connect your veterinary practice with local clients in your area of operation.

Client Reviews and Search Rankings

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important when it comes to attracting new clients to your practice. However, there is another reason why client reviews are important for veterinary practices; they help you show up in organic search results. Encourage your clients to share their experiences and provide ratings as this can help in influencing and attracting new clients. Again, keep in mind that Google uses reviews for ranking purposes so start building a reviews bank.

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