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How Content Curation can Improve Veterinary Marketing

April 13th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

Content curation can give your veterinary content marketing strategy a big boost. Search engines such as Google regularly update their search algorithms to find the most relevant content for users. This makes it important for veterinary practices to continually build and revitalize their content. Content curation is one of the ways in which this objective can be achieved. Other reasons why curating content makes perfect content veterinary marketing sense is as follows;

  • Costs little to nothing
  • Helps in building an audience
  • It is easy
  • Gives credibility to your content marketing
  • Keeps you updated on new information

Veterinary practices can use the content from other websites and assemble it into a useful piece of information for their own audience. In addition to saving on time, you are providing your readers with information; in short by identifying, filtering, and adding useful and relevant insight to content online you can easily create awareness and build credibility.

Content Curation can help address Numerous Content Marketing Objectives

  • Curating content is excellent for building topically focused collection of information which has greater appeal to clients who want a “single source” for a particular topic
  • You can add comment or insights to industry happenings which not only helps you grow awareness of your veterinary practice brand but you also get viewed as a topical authority
  • Curating and sharing content from key-players of your community will earn you a place o their radar as you get mentioned, or earn links, or even referrals
  • Excellent for attracting links from social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Social links can boost traffic and provide improved social and standard search visibility
  • Accumulate links from other websites which also help in sending traffic and improving visibility on search engines such as Google

When it comes to content curation, you need to focus on is being an information filter for your audiences. Take large amounts of online content, distill it into logical bits of easily digestible information, and present it to your audience in an engaging manner.

Fair Use and Ethics for Content Curation

Anytime you use someone else’s content, it is important to be attentive to fair use and copyright law. Provide proper attribution and a link to anything that you are citing or quoting. It is also best to add additional commentary so it doesn’t come across as you are simply summarizing or quoting what someone else has already created.

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