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How to Build an Instagram Presence for your Dental Brand

October 12th, 2015 | Internet Marketing for Dentists
How to Build an Instagram Presence for your Dental Brand

Part – 1

According to Forrester research, brand user interactions on Instagram is a whopping 400% times higher than it is on Facebook and Twitter. In terms of engagement, this social site is delivering 58 times higher engagement per follower than what Facebook offers and 120 times more engagement per follower than what Twitter delivers!

In light of these stats the question on whether you should consider Instagram marketing to boost your dental practice brand seems rather redundant. However, as with all social sites, it is always prudent to first see whether or not a particular social platform is suited to your business goals.

As a social media platform, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore how incredibly effective Instagram is becoming to generating engagement and developing brand recognition. Not only is the social media channel actively growing, but its newly introduced advertising options make it a robust marketing platform. So using Instagram to boost your dental practice brand marketing might just be what your practice needs to drive brand building, expand audience reach, and build practice value.

The Instagram Audience

A  Pew research study found that 26% of all US internet users use Instagram. Looking at age demographics, Instagram’s biggest audience group is below 30 which makes up for 53% of its user base. The next age group is between 30 – 50 and makes up for 25% of its user base. While only 11% account for the 50-64 age bracket.

Why Instagram?

Surviving in today’s digital landscape requires brands to invest heavily in building brand awareness. And as an increasing section of the digital audience is visually driven, engaging with them on a hugely popular visually-engaging social channel makes perfect business sense. Millennials are officially the biggest demographic for any market not just in the US, but increasingly across the globe. So if a major section of your audience is active on Instagram, then you need to take your dental marketing and brand engagement to just the place that they are familiar with – you need to Instagram!  However, what really makes Instagram such a huge marketing potential is that this social site epitomizes an alternative culture for brand engagement; visuals to show brand value and business culture – it offers a complete visual experience for today’s digital natives.

How to Use Instagram

When you are creating an account for your brand you have the option to choose certain demographics for ads targeting and zero in on the kind of audience you want to connect with. You can customize your content based on criteria such as age, gender, geography, profession, accounts as well as relevant hashtags. All of these help in narrowing down your target ads audience making it easier to generate content which a higher conversion opportunity. Social engagement and sharing essentially focuses on how relevant a particular item is to the consumer of the information. And Instagram’s ad targeting criteria makes it possible to specifically increase the relevancy potential of your content.

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