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Why Engaging Online Content Is Important to Veterinary SEO?

March 27th, 2014 | Vets and Pets

In wake of recent search engine algorithm updates the importance of high-quality content can no longer be ignored. Veterinary SEO requires generation of a constant stream of good content for your website; this is one of the best ways of establishing your veterinary practice credibility.

Another excellent benefit of great content is that it helps in generating links to pages on your site from other sources which include bloggers, authors, and publishers of content within your industry. Not only do these inbound links provide a great source for generating referral traffic, but they also give your search engine rankings a boost.

Important factors that determine high quality content include –

  • Content which is longer and answers questions, highlights benefits and features
  • Images and video
  • Correct text formatting and spelling and grammar
  • Outbound links connecting to other sources of high-quality content
  • Inbound links as well as social shares from high-quality sources

Content strategies for boosting Veterinary SEO

Time, creativity, and an understanding of what is trending are all important when it comes to creating a successful content strategy. Here are some strategies that will help you keep your content stream fresh and relevant to the needs of both search engines and your readers.

Internal content

Your veterinary blog is one of the easiest formats for generating high-quality content on a consistent basis. Identify what your readers want; you can use your social networks and Google search for finding out the kind of information that your audience wants to read. When posting on your blog there are a few things you need to keep in mind – ensure that the content is appropriate and don’t forget to give formatting, spelling and grammar a check. If you maintain a calendar for company events and introduction of new marketing ideas or campaigns, be sure to write about these in your blog. Re-purposing blogs and other relevant content of your veterinary practice website is a great way of adding to content; a blog post can always be expanded with more in-depth information or even be used as a base for a white paper which can be made available for download via your website.

External content publishing

In addition to maintaining your veterinary practice blog and generating new content for your practice website, you can also look into guest blogging. As a guest blogger you can further build on your authority and influence within your area of specialization and in your industry. Securing guest posting opportunities however does take some dedicated time and networking effort.

Go Visual

Moving beyond the written word, veterinary practices have the option of demonstrating their website quality using visual items such as video blogs, podcasts, as well as other relevant visual content. A rising trend these days is short videos on Vine and PowerPoint slide decks; you can also create slideshows on SlideShare or use a visual social platform such as Pinterest for building a community of followers. Multimedia today provides veterinary professionals with excellent content marketing options and helps in improving search engine rankings.

Visual content in veterinary marketing offers benefits such as greater brand exposure and helps in building and expanding social media channels; it can also help in generating positive social signals and in attracting more inbound links from other leading sources.

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