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Doctor Communities

All Ekwa clients have a growth mindset. So we have been doing pioneering work to build communities of doctors who are dedicated to growth. We use videos, podcasts, graphics and social media to continually grow these communities. These communities are provided free of charge for all doctors.

  • Growing Dentist
  • Growing Dermatologist
  • Growing Plastic Surgeon
  • Growing Vet

A game changer product to help you grow your reviews online on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, RateMD, and many more. team also works with the Ekwa website and social media teams to improve your social proof.

For example, the GrowMyReviews website widget will show your website visitors the 4 and 5 star reviews you have on popular review sites such as Google. The GrowMyReviews team works with your Ekwa Social Media team to create eye-catching Patient Review Graphics to feature on your social media.

A done-for-you software and service to create compelling video testimonials for your practice. Here is a sample.

Digital sign boards to use on your iPad or tablet, or print out if you choose! Fun and simple!

Grow Patient Leads and Appointments

A Chat Bot focused on converting moments where patients show interest in your practice into actual patient appointments.


People listen to authority figures. A Done-for-you service where you answer questions patients have and grow your authority and liking in the process, so more patients choose you.

The DoctorAndMe.TV team works with your Ekwa website and your Ekwa social media teams to leverage these video assets to grow authority.


A website with 20,000 plus businesses and 100,000 fans.

Fans will tell you why they love you. This allows you and your team to focus on the few things your fans consistently care about.

Your Ekwa Social Media team will work with the FansChoice team to leverage your fan reviews to grow your social proof on Facebook and other social media sites.

A platform where 4,000 plus doctors have reviewed one another.

If you are an Ekwa client, we make it is easy for you to get reviews from your doctor friends and colleagues. We will contact your medical professional colleagues on your behalf to get them to write reviews for you.

The Doctors Choice Awards team will work with your Ekwa Social Media team to create attractive graphics that feature doctor reviews. These graphics help your patients see you more as an authority in your field.

The Doctors Choice Awards team will work with your Ekwa website team to create a Doctor Review Hall of Fame for your website.

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Meet The Host

Naren Arulrajah
Naren Arulrajah is an award-winning digital entrepreneur, an accomplished author, speaker and consultant, and the founder and CEO of Ekwa Marketing. Naren hosts a unique Podcast series for practitioners and professionals in the medical industry.

To learn more about Naren’s digital marketing expertise, check out an exclusive feature on him in The Huffington Post!

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