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Yelp: A Role Model for Healthcare Marketing and SEO

September 16th, 2012 | Online Marketing and Management

Localized SEO is a critical part of online healthcare marketing in most cases. This is because most medical and dental practices operate as standalone offices in a local area. Most of the patients who visit the doctor or dentist belong to the neighboring areas where the office is located. Therefore, the key in health SEO lies in driving the traffic of localized patients to visit the doctor’s website.

Perhaps one of the best role models in how to optimize a medical website for local patients and follow best medical and dental marketing practices is Yelp has positioned itself as … Read More

Differentiated Health Marketing Content: Google will Love it!

September 16th, 2012 | Search Engine Optimization

Clearing Copyscape with rehashed content from other websites is not the way to build a strong online reputation and top page rankings for your medical website. Managing to avoid plagiarizing of content is not good enough for Google, according to Google’s SEO man, Matt Cutts. Google is increasingly emphasizing on differentiated content while assigning rankings to websites.

Health marketing online experts need to take note that old SEO techniques such as article spinning are an absolute no-no in the current search engine environment where originality and uniqueness of the content are the key factors that eventually influence page rankings. Low … Read More

Optimize your Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaign on the Internet

September 16th, 2012 | Search Engine Optimization

Your Internet marketing campaign for your plastic surgery website must be founded upon the idea of delivering superlative value to your potential patients. The success of the campaign depends on how far you can go to create useful, relevant and compelling content for the readers, which makes them come back again and again, and improves their engagement levels with your website.

Measure the Parameters that Matter

Just because your cosmetic surgery marketing campaign is managing to achieve a lot of traffic is not an adequate measure of the success of your website. What is important is the quality of the … Read More

Time to Get Rid of your Old Online Dental Marketing Habits

September 16th, 2012 | Online Marketing and Management

Search engine evolution has taken place in gigantic strides over the last two years or more. The evolution still continues at a fast pace, and it is high time that dental website owners wake up to the new SEO realities, if they wish their sites to achieve credible search rankings. Dental marketing experts who continue to live in the past and stick to the old SEO practices, their websites are likely to become a relic of the past sooner than later.

Go for Robust Content

The websites that continue to be weak on content, and rely excessively on dental SEO … Read More

Content is the New Mantra for Online Medical Marketing Success

September 16th, 2012 | Search Engine Optimization

Google and other leading search engines have worked aggressively over the last two years to improve the search experience for users. Google algorithmic updates such as Panda and Penguin have resulted in sweeping changes that influence how medical website owners, administrators and SEO managers must run a website. Content is king more than ever before, and SEO for the sake of SEO is rapidly on its way out.

Darwin’s theory of evolution stated that any species that fails to adapt to the changes in the external environment gradually goes extinct. The same is true of in the increasingly competitive world … Read More

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